Xped Limited (ASX:XPE) ("Xped" or "the Company") is pleased to announce they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding ("MoU") with Dexatek Technology Ltd ("Dexatek") a Taiwanese company with offices 12F.-6, No.81, Sec. 1, Xintai 5th Rd., Xizhi Dist., New Taipei City 22101, Taiwan (R.O.C.). The companies will now work to develop a binding agreement to license Xped technologies, potentially develop specific solutions for Dexatek customers, and collaboratively market products.


- MoU signed with Dexatek (Taiwan) for licensing of Xped ADRC Technologies

- Proposed agreement allows Dexatek to incorporate Xped ADRC technologies into their product lines

- Dexatek is a subsidiary of Ennoconn Corporation (TPE:6414), whose major shareholder is Foxconn (TPE:2354).

- Xped ADRC Technologies to be integrated with Dexatek products including Home Automation and Monitoring Devices, Gateway Device, and IR Blaster Device

When a binding agreement is reached, Dexatek will incorporate Xped ADRC Proxy and the RML Translation technology into existing Dexatek product lines including:

- Home Automation Devices
- Home Monitoring Devices
- Sensors
- Gateway Device
- IR Blaster Device

Under the proposed terms Xped will develop Dexatek branded version of the Xped App featuring:

- Tap provisioning of Devices
- Virtual Gateway App
- Smart Home App
- Smart Health App

Under the proposed terms, when a binding agreement is reached, the fee will be negotiated from the standard Xped licensing cost sheet:

- Smart Things: USD$0.15 per Thing
- Smart Gateways: USD$1.00 per Gateway
- Smart Platform: USD$2.00 per Platform

In addition, ongoing Maintenance Fees are to be negotiated as part of the final binding agreement.

Now that a Memorandum of Understanding has been signed Xped and Dexatek will work together to progress to binding agreements. Xped will work with Dexatek to reach licensing agreement in Q2 2017. An update will be made to the market as soon as progress has been made.

Dexatek Technology is a leading global player in designing, manufacturing and marketing IoT products, multimedia, Mobile TV receiver, Capturing device and consumer electronic products.

Dexatek is a subsidiary of Ennoconn Corporation (Taiwan), an Innovation Foxconn member, with Foxconn also being major shareholder.

Dexatek's "SIGMA CASA" Home Automation range of products include smart lights, smart plugs, smart switches, door sensors, shock sensors, IR blaster, motion detectors, and humidity, temperature and atmospheric pressure sensors.

Engineers from Xped and Dexatek have commenced work on the technical integration of the ADRC technologies with Dexatek "SIGMA CASA" product range.

Xped's Managing Director Martin Despain commented: "Dexatek "SIGMA CASA" home automation product range is available now in Asia, Europe, and the USA. Through rapid integration of Xped ADRC technologies into existing product lines, we can quickly add the benefits of ADRC to Dexatek "SIGMA CASA" product offering, and Xped can gain a fast track to revenues from this opportunity."

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Link: XPED Signs MOU with Taiwanese Company Dexatek Technology

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