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SEEK Limited


SEEK Limited ASX SEKSEEK Limited (ASX:SEK) (OTCMKTS:SKLTY) is a diverse group of companies that have a unified purpose to help people live more fulfilling and productive working lives and help organisations succeed. The Group encompasses a strong portfolio of employment, education and volunteer businesses which span across Australia, New Zealand, China, India, Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, South Africa, Kenya, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore. SEEK makes a positive impact on a truly global scale with exposure to over 4.1 billion people and greater than 30% of Global GDP.

We create world-class product technology solutions to address the needs of jobseekers and hirers and facilitate the matching between jobseekers and hirers across our online employment marketplaces.

Across our employment marketplaces we receive over 375 million visits to our sites every month and have over 3 million job opportunities available at any given time and over 100 million jobseeker profiles.





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  • Level 6
    541 St Kilda Road
    Melbourne, VIC 3004
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  • +61-3-8306-0850 
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