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Eramet SA 会社の概要

Eramet SA is a France-based integrated mining and metallurgical company. The Company produces non-ferrous metals and their chemical derivatives, high-performance special steels, nickel alloys and super alloys, and high-performance parts for industry. Its products include high-purity metals, ferroalloys, forged parts and chemical derivatives. These are used in the aerospace, iron and steel, power generation, tooling, chemical, transport and medical sectors. Eramet SA's activities are spread across three business divisions: Nickel, which specializes in nickel production and the manufacture of cobalt and tungsten powders; Manganese, which is engaged in the production of manganese alloys for steel manufacturing, and Alloys, which specializes in the production of closed-die forged parts in titanium, aluminum and steels, among others. The Company operates several subsidiaries, including Le Nickel-SLN, Comilog SA and Aubert & Duval.


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Key Developments: Eramet SA
 アジア市場活動レポート 2011年6月20日: Hastings Rare Metals (ASX:HAS) が西オーストラリア州の Yangibana レアアースプロジェクトを取得予定
JUNE 20, 2011 12:00 - 閲覧回数: 3,286
アジア市場活動レポート 2011年6月20日: Hastings Rare Metals Limited (ASX:HAS) は西オーストラリア州 Yangibana レアアースプロジェクトにおける 60% 権益を取得予定。 IPGA Limited (ASX:IPP) は から 890 万豪ドルを調達予定。 Krucible Metals Limited (ASX:KRB) はクイーンズランド州 Garnet 鉱脈から更に前向きな結果を取得。 Mineral Deposits Limited (ASX:MDL) は Eramet (EPA:ERA) との間でジョイントベンチャーを形成予定。

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