ZERO RACE - Around the World in 80 days with Zero Emission Vehicles
ZERO RACE - Around the World in 80 days with Zero Emission Vehicles
Geneva, July 28, 2010 AEST (ABN Newswire) - The ZERO Race is an 80-day race around the world with 100% electric cars running on 100% renewable energies, starting on 16 August in Geneva, Switzerland. The ZERO Race is a modern adventure, propelled by clean energies and trend-setting technology organised by Swiss solar pioneer Louis Palmer.

In 2008, Louis Palmer (winner of the European Solar Price), was the first person to drive around the world in a solar powered car called the Solartaxi. He crossed 38 countries in 18 months along 54 000 km and reached the attention of an estimated 770 million people worldwide with this project. The idea to organise an emissions free car race around the world with participants from all corners of the planet is thus a natural continuation of the Solartaxi project.

After more than two years of preparations, there are five teams from four continents partaking in the inaugural ZERO Race, all of whom Louis Palmer met en route his Solartaxi adventure. After he inspired them to build innovative electric cars, each participating ZERO Race team developed prototypes. They represent South Korea, Australia, Spain, the USA and Switzerland. Louis Palmer then invited them to join him on his new world first project: to drive around the world in 80-days with zero emissions vehicles, where he will play the role as supervisor and tour director of the event, and continue to spread his message that there are plenty of practical, every day life solutions to climate change issues! As Louis Palmer says: "...With the ZERO Race, I want to show that almost 7 billion humans worldwide need renewable energies and clean mobility as solutions to the petrol and climate crisis... and we are all in running against time..."

Each participating ZERO Race team must contribute to renewable energy production in their homeland and feed it into the public grid, so this power can be withdrawn for the vehicles en route. The ZERO Race is not only about speed, but about other judgment criteria, including vehicle reliability, energy efficiency, utility to every day life, design and safety.

After the start in Geneva, the ZERO Race will cross Switzerland, where interested spectators can admire the teams and their vehicles. The way then leads to Brussels, before heading to Vienna, Moscow and Shanghai. The cars travel to Vancouver aboard ships. The ZERO Race will then continue on the west coast of North America all the way to Cancun, Mexico, where the vehicles will be on show at the United Nations World Climate Conference. From Mexico, the vehicles will be shipped to Lisbon, Portugal. The event then traverses south-west Europe to complete the global journey. After 80 days of travel along some 30000 km through 16 countries with 150 stopovers in cities for press events, the ZERO Race will finish in January 2011 in Geneva.

The ZERO Race is planned and carried out according to sustainable development principles. Any unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions the ZERO Race may create, including car shipping and flights by participants will be compensated by investments into renewable energy projects through myclimate.

The entire ZERO Race will be documented with stories, photos and videos on a daily blog on, as well through Facebook.

The success of ZERO Race depends on the number of people reached who will be inspired enough to take action towards a more sustainable way of life. The ZERO Race is about showing realistic ways towards a cleaner and greener future for the planet and its people.

Just a few of the participating companies and teams include;

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Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG)

Galaxy Resources Limited (ASX:GXY) (PINK:GALXF)

Oerlikon Corporation AG (VTX:OERL)

Zerotracer Team
Winterthur - Switzerland

Team Trev
Adelaide - Australia

Power Plaza Team
Seoul - South Korea
Power plaza EV

Zero Race Support Team
Las Vegas - USA
Luxury Electric

Zytel Team
Zaragoza - Spain
Qindao - China
Zytel Gorila EV

About Zero Emissions Race

In 2008, Louis Palmer became the first person ever to drive a solar powered car around the world. This project was known as the Solartaxi. It took him 534 days to complete his circumnavigation and spread his powerful message that renewable energies are reliable, affordable and ecologically responsible!

In 2010, he intended to take things even further. This time Louis Palmer challenged the world to a race via the The Zero Emissions Race. This global event was planned to be a thrill, as well as an opportunity to harness public interest and generate new ways of thinking about mobility, cars and renewable energies. The Zero Race also aims to make zero emission energy solutions accessible to a worldwide audience.

Competitors from all corners of the globe are invited to drive their own zero emission race vehicles. Each competitor's lean, mean, green machine will be designed to run strictly on renewable energy, such as solar, wind, wave or geothermal. Thus, when the chequered flag will finally come down at the end of the Zero Race, the ultimate winner will be Planet Earth.



Louis Palmer
Tour Director
Mobile: +41-79-343-88-01

Julianna Priskin
Tour Coordinator,
Communications and Corporate Social
Mobile: +41-78-915-27-02

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