Global Blockchain Industry Expert Appointed
Global Blockchain Industry Expert Appointed
Sydney, Dec 1, 2017 AEST (ABN Newswire) - The directors of Chapmans Limited (ASX:CHP) (the Company) are pleased to announce the appointment of global blockchain industry expert Mike Cohen as Blockchain Industry Advisor.

Blockchain is an emerging technology category that facilitates trust and transactions through a secure and immutable distributed ledger system (DLT). It is widely recognised as a significant technology movement, not dissimilar to the introduction of the internet, that will provide better and more secure solutions to numerous industries such as banking and professional services, capital and commodity markets, supply chain management and whole-of-industry and regulatory activities involving identification, data management and transaction processing.

Mr Cohen has extensive blockchain industry experience as an advisor and system architect for leading industry stakeholders including blockchain development teams and solution providers, regulatory and industry bodies, enterprise customers and investors. He has a deep understanding of the technical, commercial and regulatory framework in the burgeoning DLT industry known as blockchain with extensive relationships across leading blockchain solutions providers seeking strategic value added growth capital.

Mr Cohen brings valuable subject matter expertise to CHP for the origination and qualification of compelling blockchain investment opportunities. This expertise includes technical, commercial and regulatory framework assessment of blockchain solutions, detailed evaluation of customer user cases, executive teams and the competitive landscape they operate in.

Based in Montreal where he co-founded, a blockchain application development and consulting firm, Mr Cohen actively advises North American institutional investor groups seeking to publicly list or invest in proven blockchain businesses and is well positioned to assist CHP with target investment origination, assessment, and deal structuring.

Mr Cohen has worked directly on a wide range of blockchain applications for physical access control management, DRM and royalty distribution for the resale of e-books, an online video advertising platform, a self-sovereign identity oracle and ID proofing system. These activities include early hands-on exposure to cryptocurrencies, computational trust models and Initial Coin Offerings (ICO's).

Mr Cohen commented "I am thrilled to work with CHAPMANS in an advisory capacity. The company has a clear strategy to capitalise on the huge investment upside of first mover advantage in breakthrough innovation such as distributed ledger technology. With a decisive and capable Board of Directors committed to sourcing and qualifying the most compelling investment opportunities leveraging Blockchain, I am looking forward to helping CHAPMANS make well researched and compliant investment decisions accessing large new market opportunities."

Executive director Anthony Dunlop says "We are delighted to have secured Mike Cohen to work with the Board to further develop and execute the Company's growth plans through Blockchain based opportunities. This represents a significant milestone in our plans to combine our high conviction approach to early stage technology investment with our expanded reach into key international markets."

More on Blockchain

Blockchain, or distributed ledger technology has the ability to generate unprecedented opportunities to create and trade value in society. A blockchain is a decentralised ledger. In the same way the internet facilitates direct exchange of information, blockchain facilitates direct exchange of value, without the need for a trusted intermediary.

Blockchains are open, distributed ledger technology protocols that ensures trust, accuracy and auditability of transactions. Many believe that blockchains will transform the way business is done. Blockchain systems can record transactions between two parties efficiently and in a verifiable and permanent way. Once recorded, the data in any given block is immutable, meaning it cannot be altered retroactively without the alteration of all subsequent blocks by the majority of the network.

Blockchain systems are secure, decentralised and eliminate the need for central third parties to verify trust within the transaction. This makes blockchain ideally suited for recording of commercial transactions, inventory management, events, personal identity records, and the traceability of goods amongst producers and the supply chain.

Notwithstanding the technology is still in its early stage of wide scale implementation, as infrastructure and enterprise adoption continue there is potential to drastically impact industries as diverse as finance, energy, media, gaming, realestate and logistics.

About Chapmans Limited

Chapmans LimitedChapmans Limited (ASX:CHP) is an ASX-listed diversified investment company engaged in special situation investments across a diverse range of industries, with a focus and expertise in the mobile and advanced industrial technology sectors. The Company seeks to be an active strategic investor in high growth areas of the market and to identify and work with emerging high growth companies. Chapmans' investment philosophy and approach are based on a unique mix of high conviction and special situation features, characterised by advisory and equity investments structured around specific events and assets for both public and large private corporates.

The Company made its first strategic investment into blockchain in 2017 and established the Blockchain Industry Advisory Board to identify and assess compelling blockchain investment opportunities. Chapmans' investment in blockchain technology aligns with its growth plans and commitment to investing in early stage technologies with  reach into key international markets.

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