OliveX Holdings Limited (NSX:OLX), through its wholly-owned subsidiary OliveX (BVI) Limited, is pleased to announce that it has entered into a binding Terms Sheet with Gym Aesthetics GmbH (Gym Aesthetics) to bring Gym Aesthetics trademarked gym apparel to the metaverse.

OliveX will design, construct and distribute the Gym Aesthetics digital items and experiences within the OliveX owned LAND in the Sandbox through the sale of NFTs. The Sandbox is a leading decentralized virtual real estate and gaming world from Animoca Brands and has partnered with globally significant brands and Intellectual Property (IP) including Snoop Dogg, Steve Aoki, Adidas & The Walking Dead.

Users will be able to visit the OliveX owned 12x12 parcel of LAND and Social Hub which will include a marketplace for the Gym Aesthetics trademarked NFTs and provide a digital space for the Gym Aesthetics experiences.

The Gym Aesthetics NFTs will provide players the ability to enjoy their rewards across a wider range of games, including utility within the wider OliveX ecosystem including Dustland Runner and Dustland Rider as well as in the Sandbox.

OliveX and Gym Aesthetics with split all revenue generated from both the primary sales of NFTs as well from royalties on secondary sales of NFTs on an equal basis.

About Gym Aesthetics

Gym Aesthetics is a fashionable and dynamic German fitness apparel brand which appeals to both the aesthetics and functional needs of its customers worldwide. Gym Aesthetics is the brainchild of two Bosch engineers, Phil and Aleks, serving the automobile industry and two professional Youtubers and athletes, Karl and Ralf. Its initial flashy wide stringers and short, thigh hugging shorts stormed the German bodybuilding community with enormous success, and achieved cult status shortly. 2017 marked a new chapter for Gym Aesthetics when an Asian fund company spotted its potential and invested in the German brand to further reinforce its brand image, expand its product range and market share globally. The headquarters was subsequently relocated to Hong Kong, with branches in Stuggart, Germany and Beijing, China. Gym Aesthetics has a significant social media presence and has partnered with prominent fitness professionals such as Sergi Constantance, a world renowned Spanish bodybuilder, Mr. Olympia competitor, world famous influencer with 5.1 million followers and the Gym Aesthetics' current brand ambassador. Currently, Gym Aesthetics is proactively embracing omni-channel marketing and retailing, and is making impressive strides in its globalisation strategy. In line with this strategy Gym Aesthetics is now seeking to bring its world class apparel products to the fitness metaverse.

Keith Rumjahn, founder and CEO of OliveX, commented:
"This agreement with Gym Aesthetics is another critical step forward as we continue to build the fitness metaverse. While developing blockchain fitness games and investing in the blockchain gaming space is critical to our business another pivotal aspect to our strategy is to assist globally significant brands such as Gym Aesthetics in migrating their products to the metaverse. I'm extremely honored to have such a highly renowned group such as Gym Aesthetics partnered with us in order to further develop and expand the fitness metaverse. "

About OliveX Holdings Limited

OliveX (NSX:OLX) is a digital health and fitness company selling innovative products and applications to deliver a unique user experience using artificial intelligence, gamification and premium content. With its flagship product the KARA Smart Fitness Mirror and associated subscription-based applications, OliveX provides a platform that links and engages consumers with brands, influencers and fitness coaches and that enables any space to become a personal fitness studio. OliveX has a market reach that spans over 170 countries.



Keith Rumjahn
Chief Executive Officer

Henry Jordan
Six Degrees Investor Relations
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