Energy World Corporation Ltd (ASX: EWC) - Update and Recent Placement to Ellerston Capital - Mr Stewart Elliot, MD and Chairman; Boardroomradio is pleased to announce that Energy World Corporation Ltd (ASX: EWC) has published an audio file. The following presentation "Update and Recent Placement to Ellerston Capital" is now available as an instant audio download to your computer. You may also transfer this information to your listening device as an IPod podcast.

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Broadcaster: Energy World Corporation Ltd (ASX: EWC)

Broadcast Title: Update and Recent Placement to Ellerston Capital

Broadcast Type: Audio stream

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About Energy World Corporation Ltd

Energy World Corporation Limited (EWC) is a profitable integrated energy company based in Hong Kong and listed in Australia and New Zealand. The Company has primary gas and power operations located at Sengkang, South Sulawesi in Indonesia; and also produces gas, power and LNG in Australia.


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