EnviroSuite Limited (ASX:EVS) is pleased to announce the successful completion of the initial twelve-month trial with Thames Water, the UK's largest water treatment authority.

Prior to the final report being completed the trial has already yielded an on-going site level contract with one of the trial participants, while the other project stakeholders continue to access the EnviroSuite platform under the head office agreement. This follow on subscription provides a strong indication of the positive impact that EnviroSuite has already had at site level, with the system being integrated into site operations and being used to pro-actively manage odour issues by the business.

EnviroSuite continues to work with Thames Water to identify and assess further applications for the technology. At this stage, up to 20 Thames Water sites have been identified that could benefit from utilising the EnviroSuite solution.

While the terms of the most recent engagement remain confidential, following the $300,000 fee for the initial twelve month contract, the annuity component of EnviroSuite's offering is generally in the range of other commercial engagements at similar businesses, with options available for expansion depending on the evolution of business priorities.

About Thames Water

Thames Water Utilities Ltd, known as 'Thames Water', is the private utility company responsible for the public water supply and waste water treatment in large parts of Greater London, the Thames Valley, Surrey, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Kent, and some other areas of the United Kingdom. Thames Water is the UK's largest water and wastewater services company, and supplies 2.6 billion litres of drinking water per day, and treats 4.4 billion litres of wastewater per day from 5.1 million properties.

Since 2007, Thames Water has made average annual capital investments of GBP1.1 billion a year in its infrastructure alone. From 2015 to 2020 Thames Water has projected a total operating budget of GBP4.67 billion and over GBP4 billion in new capital expenditure including the installation of 900,000 smart water meters.

About EnviroSuite Limited

EnviroSuite Limited (ASX:EVS) embeds the skills and experience of leading environmental and IT professionals, delivered to you on demand for instant action. Our technology is a powerful cloud-based platform for real-time and predictive management of environmental issues that brings speed, efficiency and cost savings to operational planning, environmental investigations and environmental compliance.

We are committed to simplifying complex environmental data and processes, giving you immediate clarity and insights that make for a powerful change in performance. As pioneers we aim to revolutionise environmental management by creating products that give users the immediate power and clarity to decide and act optimally.



Robin Ormerod
Managing Director
Envirosuite Operations
T: +61-7-3004-6400

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