Net Element, Inc. (NASDAQ:NETE) Helping Businesses Monetize Digital Services and Goods

(NetworkNewsWire) Digital services have now transformed traditional markets across the world. Businesses and individuals alike expect to be able to use digital services in a variety of contexts, on multiple devices, through various channels. Despite this growing trend, statistics from ( show that, although many companies are developing their strategies for digital transformation, they do not plan to execute these strategies in the coming year. In addition, 2016 data showed that more than 40% of companies haven't even started their digital transformation. This lack of adoption can be attributed to these companies' management teams not knowing how to monetize their digital services and goods, or even a fear of simply being too late.

The first step organizations need to take is to focus their attention on "revenue moments". Revenue moments can happen whenever customers interact with a company through a digital platform such as a website, social media pages, email campaigns, products, or other business channels. In order to transform these revenue moments into actual revenue, businesses must implement the appropriate payment tools that are most likely to speak to their customers.

Net Element, Inc. (NASDAQ:NETE), a globally recognized payment technology company, specializes in mobile payments and value-added transaction services. Through its subsidiary, Digital Provider, the company offers a large portfolio of customizable payment solutions that enable organizations to monetize their goods and increase conversions.

In addition to the trending mobile payment solutions, Digital Provider offers mobile marketing opportunities and shortcode rentals, a tool used to simplify the pattern of interaction between customers that visit a business' online store and all other online services. These services are coupled with call center rentals, automated mass payments, and a package solution giving organizations the chance to fundraise for charity.

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