Leading big data solutions company Invigor Group Limited (ASX:IVO) ("Invigor", "the Company") is pleased to announce the second major e-commerce partnership in as many months with an agreement with eBay Australia to promote the Company's cloud-based SpotLite market intelligence platform to approximately 40,000 Australian eBay sellers.

- SpotLite to be promoted to eBay's ~40,000 sellers in Australia

- SpotLite now features on eBay's recently launched Sellers Benefits page

- Represents SpotLite's second major e-commerce partnership to help accelerate SpotLite take up

This is a very pleasing development for Invigor and further validates the SpotLite technology and functionality from another major global e-commerce company in eBay. Last month, Invigor secured a similar partnership with the world's largest domain name registrar GoDaddy. These two partnerships will help Invigor significantly scale up SpotLite's user numbers among Australian SMEs.

Under the terms of this partnership, which has no upfront or ongoing costs to either Invigor or eBay, SpotLite will be promoted to eBay's Australian sellers through an electronic direct marketing campaign of eBay's Direct Sellers Page later this month.

As well, eBay and Invigor are also working on further developments to integrate SpotLite with more e-commerce platforms to provide additional functionality and integration with eBay.

Management Commentary:

Invigor's Chairman and CEO, Mr Gary Cohen, said: "This partnership with eBay is an excellent endorsement of SpotLite's cloud-based market intelligence capabilities from the world's most recognised consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer e-commerce platform.

"SpotLite is enjoying pleasing take up rates and partnerships such as this will help us secure up sign ups much more rapidly and achieve critical mass for the SpotLite platform. With eBay and GoDaddy, we have two of the world's most recognised ecommerce platforms as our partners, a major value-add for SpotLite and Invigor.

Invigor expects to shortly announce further new contract successes in the Australian market very shortly.

About Invigor Group Ltd

Invigor Group (ASX:IVO) uses its complementary suite of big data products to source, aggregate, analyse and publish content for the benefit of businesses and consumers.

Today its interconnected data sets enable enterprise clients including retailers, brands, shopping centres and government bodies to identify and better understand competitors, consumers, markets and demographics while providing the consumer with the best value-for-money.

Using its current products and a pipeline of additional offerings Invigor will have the ability to provide an end-to-end solution spanning sales, product management, business intelligence, marketing, advertising, content creation and distribution, while monetising each step of the process.



Gary Cohen
Chairman & CEO
Phone: +61-2-8251-9600
Email: info@invigorgroup.com

Link: Invigor partners with eBay to promote SpotLite

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