Some of you may have noticed a little red flag in the corner of the Company's website. When you click on that, you will see sections of the website in Chinese. Obviously, a variety of steps are being taken to appeal to the huge, & growing numbers of investors in the Chinese mainland markets, as well as domestic Chinese investors. Apparently, regulation has made both physical GOLD, & Bitcoin less attractive investments to the mainland investment community. I believe Dupont is working with an Australian based firm, making decisions about regional advertising to offer an incentive to those prospective investors to take a serious look at EXS/EXSFF/E1H1.

When I last spoke to Chris, he seemed very optimistic about the evolving plan to reach this vast new audience. Adding to the new video contributions to the website, an audio interview was completed over the weekend, and has been disseminated worldwide. You can listen to that at the following link:

At, or around the beginning of every month, I'm led to believe an updated video interview will be available to investors, offering updates on the Company's variety of projects moving forward.

Its intended these will be disseminated on a worldwide basis as well, through syndications like Reuters, Bloomberg, & Google+, to name but a few. The Toronto based Investment Website is releasing a full feature story on the massive new Goldcorp mill, and their perceptions of the impact on Explor.

Specifically, they are highlighting the Timmins Porcupine West GOLD deposit, and its obvious importance as a source of GOLD ore to Goldcorp's 50,000 ton per day mill development. As I pointed out last week, Goldcorp does not have enough local resources to accommodate their new monster facility.

Mainstream media, Investment websites, & Precious Metals newsletters recently seem to be in agreement that GOLD will see higher prices in the near term, reacting to evolving events on the world stage. Some expert commentary even suggests price detachment from the USD, as a hedge against a major retracement, or correction, in many of the major markets.

Having said all that, and trying not to be redundant, the lab has given the Company yet another promise to provide assay results from drilling north of the Glencore Kidd Mine. I'm hoping they keep this one, but I'm not holding my breath. Focused paperwork continues regarding proposed drill plans at the PG-101, the Montrose property, Duparquet (East Bay), as well as completion of the recent financing.

NOTE: This forum commentary was published from a third party source. It has not been verified by the company.

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