On 16 January 2017, DroneShield Ltd (ASX:DRO) (OTCMKTS:DRSHF) ("DroneShield" or the "Company") announced that it commenced work on the development of DroneSentry, an integrated automated drone detection and countermeasure product with an anti-swarming capability. The Company is now pleased to announce that it has opened its order book for DroneSentry, and expects to commence production of DroneSentry in the fourth calendar quarter of 2017.

- In response to user demand, DroneShield commences sales of its DroneSentry (integrated multi-method detect and defeat) and DroneSentinel (multi-method detection) products.

- Production expected to commence in Q4 2017.

- DroneShield's product offering has been streamlined into three product lines: DroneSentry, DroneSentinel, and DroneGun.

- DroneSentry includes and integrates the following modules - radar detection (RadarOne), radio frequency detection (RfOne), acoustic detection (FarAlert and WideAlert), thermal camera (DroneTherm), optical camera (DroneOpt), optical range extender (DroneBeam), and a fixed site jammer (DroneCannon).

- DroneSentinel includes all of the above detection modules (without the jammer countermeasure).

DroneSentry provides its users with a multi-method drone detection capability and includes and integrates radar, radio frequency, acoustic, thermal and optical (with a range extender) sensor detection, i.e. all the key technologically viable detection methods that currently exist. For interception, DroneSentry integrates these layered detection methods with a radio-frequency jamming system. This integrated detect-and-defeat functionality can be deployed either via a "man in the loop" function or in the automatic mode. DroneSentry will be available only to those customers who are legally able to deploy jamming in their relevant jurisdiction.

DroneSentinel is aimed at those customers who are unable to deploy jamming because of regulatory restrictions. It contains DroneSentry's multi-sensor detection functionality, without the jamming capability.

Both DroneSentry and DroneSentinel are highly modular and, depending on the customer's requirements can include or exclude any of the radar (RadarOne), radio frequency (RfOne), thermal camera (DroneHeat), optical camera (DroneOpt), acoustic (FarAlert and WideAlert), and optical range extender (DroneBeam) modules.

The Company will continue to offer these detection modules as stand-alone products where required by users, however, given the requirements expressed by users, going forward, DroneShield will focus its sales on the integrated systems (DroneSentry and DroneSentinel). In addition, DroneShield remains focused on DroneGun, the stand-alone portable rifle-style jammer that is currently undergoing multiple trials and governmental procurement processes globally.

Both DroneSentry and DroneSentinel can be deployed as fixed site and portable solutions.

The summary of the modules contained in each DroneSentry and DroneSentinel product is set out below (see the link below). This summary represents the base configuration of each product, with customers able to either upgrade to meet their specs, or downgrade to match their budget requirements.

Additional details on the products are contained in the brochure attached to this announcement (see the link below).

Peter James, DroneShield's chairman, commented: "The Company originally started with an acoustic drone detection product. The market has evolved, and customers are expressing substantial interest in integrated detect-and-defeat and multi-sensor detect products. Sophisticated users' contracts will be won by those companies that are able to provide multi-layered, multi-method products. Therefore, responding to customer demand, the Company has rolled out DroneSentry and DroneSentinel. Together with DroneGun, this positions the Company to meet customer needs across the fixed site and mobile spectrum in the counterdrone space".
The launch of the products comes against continued background of increasing deployment of drones for terrorism purposes by organisations such as ISIS, with recent reports of another ISIS weaponised drone factory discovered by the coalition forces in Mosul (see Note below).

Note: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4655420/ISIS-drone-factory-seized-Iraqi-forces-Mosul.html

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Link: DroneSentry and DroneSentinel Launched

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