Moxian, Inc. (NASDAQ:MOXC) Taking Aim at a Spectacular Trend that's Transforming the World's Second-Largest Economy

(NetworkNewsWire) China, the world's second-largest economy, is on the cusp of an incredible growth spurt, says Stephen Roach, the former chairman of Morgan Stanley Asia ( In a recent CNBC interview, Roach stated, "The Chinese economy seems to be making remarkable progress in transforming itself into more of a consumer-based model... The wave of innovation in their private-based economy, anything from e-commerce to medical sciences, is really quite spectacular... [China's] e-commerce share of total consumption is more than double ours [U.S.], and that gap is rising."

Helping trigger this spectacular transformation and bridging e-commerce to brick and mortar retail is Moxian, Inc. (NASDAQ:MOXC). Moxian's creative and socially interactive online platforms and mobile applications are moving the burgeoning Chinese consumer from online views to retail purchases at Moxian's brick and mortar client locations. Moxian's seductive social network integrates social media and business into a single platform that offers products, features and services that appeal to consumers, keeps them engaged and refers new customers.

The company's ingenious and captivating online platforms and mobile applications, the Moxian+ User app and the Moxian+ Business app, allow businesses to interface with both new and existing customers. These online interactions provide each business the data to analyze consumer likes, dislikes and trends. Moxian's platforms offer businesses the ability to create, manage and promote individualized customer loyalty programs, targeted advertising campaigns and special promotions. These interactions between users and Moxian's merchant clients drive retail traffic into the brick and mortar locations and gives merchant clients the ability to study consumer behavior and custom tailor offerings to consumers.

Impressive by almost any standard, China's GDP growth has hovered around seven percent the last several years. However, if, as the former chairman of Morgan Stanley Asia predicts, a consumer driven "spectacular transformation" is under way in the Chinese economy, then China could easily see ten, 12, even 14 percent GDP growth as it did early this century. With the remarkable niche it has carved out, Moxian will no doubt contribute to and reap the rewards from this spectacular transformation.

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