Given the relative importance of the 3,000meter drilling campaign to the Timmins Porcupine West GOLD Deposit moving forward, Dupont, and his crew, are painstakingly going over every inch of core to put the lab results into the proper perspective. One of them actually created the HMC (Hollinger McIntyre Coniaurum) computer model of the TPW GOLD deposit many of us have seen featured at the PDAC. I suspect he might also be entering the lab results into that modelling system to further validate both the 'Open Pit' potential, as well as the notion the deposit could possibly exceed 30million ounces. Further, of course, is the concern that all new insights are dead accurate for the prospective suitors to the TPW, to ensure the best deal for all shareholders' benefit. The old adage, 'Measure twice, Cut once.' springs to mind.

Personally, although I'm a little disappointed the News Release didn't come out this morning as I had hoped, as a longer-term holder with a significant position, I continue to rely on the expertise I've come to trust explicitly to do the right thing, at the right time. Apparently, the NR will be forthcoming sometime this week, once all the details have been finalized. Immediately on the heels of the release, at least one new video interview with Dupont will take place to discuss the results in some detail, including their impact on the entire deposit. I'm hopeful we'll be viewing that Cheshire grin again, as the interviewer poses some leading questions?

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