Quoting a major shareholder in a text to me this morning, 'It didn't take long for the criminal cabal to knock down the price of metals.' Likewise, the instant the news on the drilling at the Timmins Porcupine West GOLD Deposit was released, our own junior cabal worked its magic in the market, suggesting the release was a huge disappointment.

In turn, we little minions were expected to offer our stock, for these sharks to gather up at pennies on the dollar. Please do not be fooled by this obvious rouse. At US$1,300 GOLD & $3.00 Copper, Explor's world class asset base only becomes more & more valuable, & attractive.

Today's News Release extends the TPW GOLD deposit. It confirms the continuity of GOLD bearing 'Shear Zones' at depth. For example, Shear Zone #5 is a high-grade zone discovered at depth in the central part of the deposit. One major result of the recent drilling confirms that it inclines towards the surface as it trends to the east.

We did not know that before. Further, a new Shear Zone #6 was also discovered that was previously, completely unknown! That's extremely exciting, as this GOLD bearing zone could span the entire TPW structure. The major intention of the 3,000meter drilling program was to strengthen the 'Open Pit' potential of the deposit, to make it even more attractive than it was before. Given nearby open pit operations thriving on 1.5gms/tonne, the 2-3gms/tonne suggested in Explor's estimate would have any GOLD producer excited about Joint Venturing, or purchasing the property.

The drill campaign exceeded its objectives, and increased the value of the TPW. Don't let someone else's selfish interests convince you otherwise.

NOTE: This forum commentary was published from a third party source. It has not been verified by the company.

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