Strong Demand for Specialist Charity Packages

Big Un Limited (ASX:BIG) (or 'the Company') is pleased to announce an arrangement between The Beacon Foundation, a charity for young Australians, Coca Cola Inc. and Big Review TV Ltd. The Beacon Foundation has received a grant from The Coca-Cola Australia Foundation for filming career profiles that assist youths bridge the gap between school and employment. The Beacon Foundation chose BIG Cares as their video provider for the project.

The Beacon Foundation has purchased a total of five Big Cares video packages from Big Review TV Ltd to date over a 12month period.

Specialist Video Packages

BIG Cares - Video Licenses for Charitable and Not-for-Profit (NFP) Organizations

Under the guidance of Big Review TV's Communications Director Sonia Thurston, the Company developed specialist video packages to meet the specific communication requirements of NFP's in early 2016. The packages allow registered charities access to 4 days filming by specialist teams over a 12month contract period and provide the organizations with access to flexible edits to meet their specific donor communication, fundraising and social media requirements. Marketed under the brand Big Cares, the packages are offered to registered NFP's at a heavily discounted price of $15,000 pa and can be paid for via monthly subscription (video SaaS). The video licensing packages would normally retail through Big Review TV at over $35,000 pa. The packages have proved extremely popular and over an initial 12month period, the Company has experienced renewal rates of 88% from Australian NFP clients, and a significant number of these clients (like The Beacon Foundation) have purchased multiple packages.

Charitable and Not-For-Profit Storytelling

BIG Cares

As part of the Company's corporate and social responsibility program and, in recognition of the specific communication needs of NFP's, BIG set up a specialist production division for Big Cares. The Big Cares teams are specially trained to deal with NFP clients and to film and produce powerful video content with sensitivity. The Beacon Foundation has purchased a total of 5 Big Cares packages over a 12 month period and recently provided a case study demonstrating the effectiveness of using the Big Cares product and telling of their customer experience. There are 30,000 registered charities in Australia of which approximately 5000 have been identified as suitable for Big Cares packages. According to the National Center for Charitable Statistics, there are approximately 1.5m registered charities in the USA and 160,000 in the UK. It is the Company's intention to offer a large proportion of these charities access to Big Cares Products during FY17/18.

Val Ridley, Director of Programs at Beacon said "Working with the incredibly professional team at Big Review TV has been extremely valuable to Beacon. The investment by the Big Review TV to understand Beacon and the communities we work in, has resulted in some amazing footage that will be very powerful in bringing 21st century workforce stories to young people around Australia, particularly those in remote and regional Australia".

Big Cares Australia

Over 12 months Big Cares has produced video licensing packages for over 80 NFP clients (see the link below).

A large body of Big Cares charitable video content produced by the Company over the last 12 months can be viewed in the link below.


Increased ARPU via Specialist Video Licensing Packages

The Company intends to roll out the Big Cares product to the US and UK markets during FY17/18.

Sonia Thurston Executive Director of Communications for Big Review TV says "Tailoring video licensing packages to meet the needs of specific market sectors has proved very popular, particularly with Australian NFP's. It's wonderful to see the halo effect of our work reach giant global brands like Coco Cola who are happy to fund a Big Cares package on behalf of The Beacon Foundation. The halo effect re-enforces our BIG brand values and demonstrates the level of professionalism, creativity and value that our tailored products provide. Following the successful uptake and high renewal rates for Big Cares packages, we now intend to offer Big Cares packages to overseas markets".

Following the success of the Big Cares packages, the Company has further developed the specialist package model to meet the specific requirements of Corporate and Financial clients` resulting in increased ARPU and significant deferred revenue for the Company. More specialist packages are about to be launched for the Hair & Beauty and Hospitality sectors among other key market verticals.

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Link: Coca Cola Inc. fund Big Cares Video Package

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