PlayUp is ushering the 3 trillion dollar gambling market into the crypto world.

PlayUp is not a concept, it is an existing global fantasy sports and licensed online betting platform enjoyed by over 400,000 users and on track to generate $200 Million in turnover this year, and we have just begun! PlayUp is set to disrupt and lead a new revolution in online gambling via the introduction of the PlayChip.

What is the PlayChip?

The PlayChip is an ERC20 token, which will provide a truly global, frictionless payment and reward system. The PlayChip, built on the Ethereum blockchain will decentralise our community, kickstart network effects, incentivise members and provide fast liquidity.

By transitioning to the PlayChip, we can immediately open up our platform to players from over 68 countries who are using our product on a daily basis and will provide them a system to realise the value of their wins. This will rapidly increase appeal, user demand and in turn increase the value of the PlayChip.

The PlayUp Ecosystem

PlayUp has implemented a business model based on "freemium" to "premium" transition. Free PlayChips are distributed to our users in a process we call activity based 'mining' i.e. the PlayChips we give to users are paid for by advertising on our free to play platform. This gives us the ability to build a huge global audience quickly as there is no barrier to entry. All users are given a free crypto enabled PlayChip wallet when they join and are incentivised to grow the network by referring friends and completing other activities that grow our user base, resulting in rapid growth and higher demand - all at a low cost to PlayUp.

As we build our sports loving community, PlayUp can transition them to our paid products such as our Licensed Fantasy Sports, Betting and Gaming platforms, in a frictionless way utilising the PlayChip wallet.

PlayChip Wallet (free)

- Free to all users

- Global coverage

- Frictionless usage within ecosystem

- Supports all major crypto deposits and withdrawals

- Added activity based 'mining'

Draftstars (paid)

- Frictionless transition from free to paid via PlayChip wallet and integrated marketing

- Active in multiple territories via existing licenses

- Global rollout with additional licenses (in progress)

PlayUp (free)

- No barrier to entry

- Global coverage

- Free coins are awarded through activity based 'mining'

- Promoted by Influencers and Ambassadors (e.g. Brett Lee, Barry Hall and Wendell Sailor)

- Low cost user acquisition

PlayUp Bet & Casino (paid)

- Frictionless transition to other paid products via PlayChip wallet and integrated marketing

- Active in multiple territories via existing license *

- Global rollout with additional licenses (in progress)

Initial Coin Offering:

ICO: MAY 2018

To download the PlayChip ICO Registration paper, please visit:

About PlayUp

PlayUp Limited is a technology developer as well as a fully operational Fantasy Sports, Sports Betting and Online Gaming Platform. PlayUp Limited operates, ClassicBet and DraftStars within its gaming and wagering ecosystem. PlayUp Limited will deliver the world's first fully-integrated, blockchain enabled global fantasy sports, online sports betting and gaming ecosystem. currently has more than 400,000 registered users and is represented by global sporting icons such as Brett Lee, who has amassed a social network of over 4 million sports fans. offers Daily fantasy challenges which are free to play and easy to enter. Users simply create their fantasy team by selecting a line-up of real world players and the platform operates in real-time. As users move up the leader board they can win PlayChips and purchase prizes from the Store. offers daily fantasy challenges across the worlds biggest leagues from Cricket, Football, Basketball, Kabadddi, Rugby League, Ice Hockey, Basketball, Australian Football, American Football with plenty more on the way.

PlayUp Limited currently employs 27 fulltime employees with offices in Sydney (HQ), Melbourne, Darwin and Hong Kong. PlayUp Interactive Pty Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of PlayUp Limited, is a licensed gambling operator in Australia.

* As announced on 09 April 2018, PlayUp has agreed to merge with Mission NewEnergy Limited (ASX:MBT) (OTCMKTS:MNELF), subject to the approval of the ASX and NASDAQ and regulatory approval requirements. Upon the completion of the merger it is anticipated that the company's securities will seek to re-comply with both ASX and NASDAQ listing rules resulting in the trading of shares on the NASDAQ stock exchange and the ASX.


Link: Playup ICO Registration Download

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