Strong support shown by shareholders for Montepuez ruby and Caula Graphite & Vanadium projects

Mustang Resources Limited (ASX:MUS) (OTCMKTS:GGPLF) ('Mustang' or the 'Company') announces that its non-renounceable pro rata rights issue ("Entitlement Offer") of one (1) new share ("New Share") offered for every four (4) fully paid ordinary shares ("Shares") held by eligible shareholders at an issue price of $0.023 per New Share closed on Thursday, 22 March 2018 at 5.00pm WST.

Results of the Offer

The Company received 849 applications under the Entitlement Offer from eligible shareholders for a total of 106,811,504 New Shares. The total subscription amount received by the Company from the Entitlement Offer (before associated costs) was $2,456,666 made up of $1,696,675 of entitlements plus $759,991 of shortfall taken up by eligible shareholders.

Managing Director, Dr. Bernard Olivier said: "The Company and its management team is highly encouraged by the strong support shown by our shareholders in the entitlement offer and we are confident in placing the shortfall quickly. Exploration and development work is currently underway on both our projects with multiple catalysts and milestones in the coming months. In the near term, we will continue exploration and market development work on our Montepuez Ruby Project with test sales through our Thailand office in step with fieldwork and bulk sampling. We are encouraged by the continued growth of the ruby market and Mustang's enviable position as the only publicly listed revenue-generating ruby supplier and believe that there is substantial value to be realised for our shareholders.

Furthermore, recent drill results on the Caula Graphite & Vanadium project have prompted the Board to approve its fast-tracked development with first revenues from Stage 1 trial mining of high grade graphite and vanadium targeted for H1-2019. This will place Mustang in a unique position amongst its peers in both the graphite and vanadium sectors as the Company leverages off its in-house technical and operational abilities to become a leader in the fast growing battery commodity markets."

Notification of Shortfall

The number of securities offered pursuant to the Entitlement Offer was 192,858,347 New Shares resulting in a shortfall of 86,046,843 New Shares ("Shortfall").

Placement of Shortfall

The Entitlement Offer is not underwritten.

The Shortfall will be placed by the Company at the same price of $0.023 per New Share subscribed for and issued. The New Shares under the Shortfall are to be placed within 3 months after the Closing Date i.e. 22 June 2018.

Issue and Allotment of New Shares

The Company will issue and allot all New Shares applied for in accordance with the Entitlement Offer timetable included in the Entitlement Offer Document dated 22 February 2018 ("Offer Document") and will apply to ASX for quotation of New Shares allotted.

The Directors would like to express their thanks for the support by the participants in the Entitlement Offer.

The net proceeds received from the Entitlement Offer and the issue of the Shortfall will be applied as described in the Offer Document.

About Mustang Resources Ltd

Listed on the Australian Securities Exchange, Mustang Resources Limited (ASX:MUS) (FRA:GGY) is an emerging gemstone developer and producer focused on the near-term development of the highly prospective Montepuez Ruby Project in northern Mozambique.

The Montepuez Ruby Project consists of three licences and now one mining concession covering 19,300 hectares directly adjacent to the world’s largest ruby deposit discovered by Gemfields PLC in 2012. Since supply of rubies from sources outside Mozambique has become fractured and unreliable, Mustang stands to capitalise on the current high demand around the world for ethically produced rubies by becoming a reliable, consistent supplier of high-quality rubies.

The Company is currently fast-tracking its work program on the Montepuez Ruby Project with extensive secondary deposits discovered and low-cost bulk sampling well underway. First rough ruby sales are scheduled for 27 to 30 October 2017 in Port Louis, Republic of Mauritius under a closed bid tender of more than 350,000 cts gem quality rubies.

Visit the Mustang website at for more information.



Bernard Olivier
Managing Director
Mustang Resources Limited

Robert Marusco
Company Secretary
Mustang Resources Limited

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