NOVONIX Limited (ASX:NVX) ("NOVONIX" or "the Company") is pleased to provide the following Quarterly Activities Report for the March 2018 Quarter.


- PUREgraphite pilot plant producing high quality battery anode product.

- PUREgraphite anode product being trialed in cells for multiple prospective customers.

- BTS wins orders from ten 'Fortune 500' companies in the last six months.

- BTS CEO visits customers in Japan and China with delivery of equipment.

- Ken Broom joins the team - Ex-COO of fifth-largest Chinese battery maker.

- Professor Jeff Dahn showcases DTA technology for the first time at the 35th Annual International Battery Seminar held in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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NOVONIX Limited (ASX:NVX) (FRA:GC3) is an integrated developer and supplier of high performance materials, equipment and services for the global lithium-ion battery industry with operations in the USA and Canada and sales in fourteen countries. NOVONIX is co-owner of the PUREgraphite anode material Joint Venture, headquartered in Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA. The Company also owns a world-class, large and high-grade natural graphite deposit in Australia.

NOVONIX's mission is to accelerate the adoption of batteries for a cleaner energy future.



Philip St Baker
Managing Director
Phone: +61-438-173-330

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