Diversified minerals explorer and developer Ardiden Limited (ASX:ADV) (or "the Company") is pleased to advise of early success as it commences a large-scale mapping and sampling program at the Company's 100%-owned, flagship Seymour Lake Lithium Project in Ontario, Canada.


- 160 targets within Ardiden's recently enlarged project have been identified and will be investigated as part of a regionally extensive mapping program.

- Detailed re-mapping of the North Aubry, Central Aubry and South Aubry pegmatites is in-progress and has already led to new insights that will assist the design of future drilling programs.

- The Ardiden geological team promptly identifies numerous new pegmatite exposures in the new claim areas during the reconnaissance tour for the large-scale field mapping program

- New spodumene bearing pegmatite exposure identified approx. 700m north-east of North Aubry deposit

- Subject to exploration results, the large-scale mapping and sampling program expected to be completed by mid-June

- Ardiden's geological team enhanced with the engagement of pegmatite expert Peter Spitalny

Ardiden recently announced it had more than doubled the size of its Seymour Lake Lithium Project. This action was the result of an assessment to determine the exploration potential of the area to contain significant lithium mineralisation. A large number of anomalous features were identified upon detailed analysis of satellite imagery of the area. These anomalous features have visual characteristics that suggest they may be pegmatites and therefore warrant a more comprehensive investigation.

It was decided that the most effective means of evaluation was the implementation of a large-scale mapping program which would cover most of the ground within the Seymour Lake project. In addition, detailed re-mapping of the North Aubry, Central Aubry, South Aubry and Pye prospects will also be completed, to assist Ardiden the design of future drilling programs.

The field mapping program has already confirmed the presence of an additional spodumene bearing pegmatite, with Ardiden's geological mapping team identifying a pegmatite exposure approximately 700 metres north of the North Aubry deposit.

The pegmatite exposure is approximately 4m wide and 8m long. Initial observations of the pegmatite confirm the presence of large visible spodumene crystals (refer Figure 1 in link below).

Ardiden's geological team, led by pegmatite expert Peter Spitalny, will complete a detailed review and analysis of the identified existing and new spodumene bearing pegmatite exposures, including mapping, sampling and structural interpretation to obtain a better understanding of how the new pegmatite structure relates to the other known pegmatites within the Aubry and Pye pegmatite swarms.

Managing Director Brad Boyle stated the continued identification of pegmatite exposures across the Seymour Lake land holding will play a significant part in increasing the overall scale and size of the project.

"We are extremely happy with the on-going success our geological team are having with the continued identification of a large number of highly-prospective lithium bearing pegmatites. An overall focus of the Company at the present moment is to increase the scale and size of Seymour Lake, and with the addition of Mr Spitalny, we are looking forward to completing this detailed review and identifying targets that will contribute to the strategy that we have in place."

Mr Spitalny is a full-time employee of Hanree Holdings Pty Ltd and has been involved in mineral exploration for more than 25 years, with a partial geological focus on pegmatites and the minerals they contain. Mr Spitalny has been investigating pegmatites since 1990, has investigated more than 20 pegmatite fields in Western Australia resulting in discovery of several lithium pegmatites. He has also completed detailed investigations of LCT (lithium) pegmatites in South America (Brazil and Argentina), Africa (Namibia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo) and in Canada.


Project-wide mapping commenced with a brief reconnaissance tour to identify the best access routes to utilise in the new claim areas, in order to investigate the target areas across the project and during this tour, multiple pegmatites adjacent to the all-weather road were seen along a 4-kilometre interval of the road (see Figure 3 in link below). This brief initial reconnaissance has confirmed that these new 160 target areas are highly-prospective and warrant further detailed study and analysis.

The site conditions are now ideal and assisting the geological team to complete the detailed review and analysis of the 160 highly-prospective target locations across the project. As the snow has just melted, undergrowth has had a limited opportunity to grow, thus allowing the geological team to locate and review the many exposures recently identified in the satellite imagery. Ardiden expects that subject to exploration results, this large-scale mapping and sampling program should be completed by mid-June.

The first day of detailed mapping of the North Aubry, Central Aubry and South Aubry prospects has already led to the recognition of additional potential at these more-advanced prospects. In particular, it has been observed that spodumene is more abundant than some assay results may suggest. This is because some of the spodumene occurs as extremely large crystals (see Figure 4 in link below) that are more sparsely distributed than smaller spodumene crystals. A consequence of this is that drill-holes may pass between the extremely large crystals.

Ardiden considers these early results to be an extremely encouraging start to the field program and looks forward to providing further updates as they come to hand.

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