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The December 1, 2018 launch of the ICO after a pre-ICO period of only a month, saw 10,250 registrations and 200 Million GFUN coins circulated.

Registrations were received from 93 Countries and a successful airdrop saw many registered users increase their GFUN holdings.

The ICO will run for one month from December 1 to December 31.

GOLDFUND provides:

- Capital Support into Proven Un-mined Gold Reserves.

- Payback from precious metal production.

- Exposure limited to participants in a Regulated and Audited marketplace.

- A guaranteed discount on Gold Purchases made with GFUN coins.

- Liquidity of GFUN coins on Cryptocurrency Exchanges. (December 1)

With GOLDFund you can trade the GFUN coins, exchange Bitcoin for GFUN coins and use GFUN coins to purchase discount Gold from our precious metals producers.

GOLDFund provides a tri-cyclic liquidity mechanism to ensure liquidity of the GFUN coins both "on-chain" and "off-chain". recently announced that it has released the payment gateway to allow cryptocurrency buyers to purchase GFUN (GoldFund) cryptocurrency using Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin.

The payment gateway operates in real time (subject to blockchain settlement periods) and automatically updates the buyer's GFUN Cryptocurrency wallet with GFUN coins on completion of the transaction.

To be involved in the ICO, go to:


Sourcing Capital for Mining & Investment in Precious Metals while providing liquidity to transactable Cryptocurrency Coins using Blockchain Security.



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