Many are familiar with the all too often chanted slur from cryptocurrency enthusiasts that Bitcoin is "Gold 2.0", but we feel this is inaccurate.

The truth is Bitcoin and Gold both share a great deal in common, and it might be wise to instead consider these two assets as viable companions in a portfolio that remains hedged against wider economic uncertainty and risk.

The goal of the Gold and Alternative Investments conference is to enable investors to make sound decisions to protect and grow their wealth.

One investment thesis behind many precious metals enthusiasts making a move to digital assets is that by finding a balance between these they can expect stability and protection while further gaining exposure to the opportunity of assets such as Bitcoin.

The Alternative Investments day has an agenda structured by our partner HiveEx with a dedicated focus to explain the fundamentals of digital assets, the different verticals of value they separately address and, most importantly, how to navigate the noise within the ecosystem to distil a sensible sense of direction and confidence that leaves attendees able to make an informed decision on investing in the new digital space with knowledge not just blind faith.

With experts from the digital economy we have an agenda that will help you navigate and understand better the opportunities and pitfalls of this new and emerging space

Tickets start at just $99 per day or $199 for the full three days covering gold, gold mining, the current economic climate as well as why digital is here to stay and what's next.

24/25 October - Focus on gold and gold mining
26 October - Focus on Digital Assets and gold

Thu 24th October
Fri 25th October
Sat 26th October

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About Symposium

Symposium exists to connect the Australian resources industry with the investment community at both a domestic and international level. We provide a range of opportunities for mining, coal, oil, gas and other energy-related businesses to present to and engage with potential investors. Our events, from monthly roadshows to annual conferences in Australia as well as North America and China are all specifically designed to showcase the resources industry, raise awareness and create mutually beneficial business partnerships. For more information see:



Kerry Stevenson
Managing Director, Symposium
M: 0407 202 758

Link: Gold Alternative Investment Conference Program

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