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ADX Energy Limited (ASX:ADX)ADX Energy Limited's (ASX:ADX) (OTCMKTS:ADXRF) is an Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) listed International Energy Explorer which is soon to become a Producer. The Company's Geographical focus is Onshore Europe and Offshore Mediterranean with a portfolio consisting of recently acquired Production as well as Appraisal, Development and Exploration Assets. ADX's interests are located in Romania, Italy, Tunisia and most recently Austria. The Company's immediate focus is on low cost, low risk, profitable resource commercialisation opportunities onshore and higher cost higher reward offshore projects in the longer term. The Company is headquartered in Perth, Western Australia with additional operating offices in Bucharest (Romania) and soon to be Vienna (Austria). The Company also has representative offices in Italy and Tunisia.

ADX Energy's vision is to establish a stable cash producing platform onshore Europe and develop a number of rapid resource to reserves  opportunities as well as low risk exploration potential with access to infrastructure in favourable fiscal and operating environments.




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  • 2024/07/24: Operations Update - Appraisal, Exploration & Testing Program*
  • 2024/07/01: Change of Director's Interest Notice - I Tchacos (Buy)*
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  • 2024/05/31: Becoming a substantial holder from MS*
  • 2024/05/30: Notice of Equity Derivatives of Athos Capital Limited in ADX*
  • 2024/05/28: Cleansing Notice*
  • 2024/05/28: Change of Director's Interest Notice - J Begg*
  • 2024/05/28: Application for quotation of securities - ADX*
  • 2024/05/23: Change of Director's Interest Notice - J Begg*
  • 2024/05/23: Change of Director's Interest Notice - E Etienvre*
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