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United Uranium Limited (ASX:UUL) is an Australia-based company. The principal activity of the Company is uranium exploration. As of June 30, 2010, the Company held seven uranium tenements in the Northern Territories. The Company’s projects include McArthur River Project, Pine Creek Project, and Dunmarra Basin and Wiso. The Company received the final processed data for the airborne electromagnetic survey (VTEM) flown in conjunction with Geoscience Australia over the McArthur River Project. The VTEM survey includes east west flight lines on 250 meters spacing for a total of 981 flight line kilometers. The Pine Creek Project Geosyncline is a gold and uranium province in the Northern Territory. Other uranium deposits and prospects in the central and southern Pine Creek Orogeny are located outside the areas of the uranium fields and are classified as vein type. 



2011年7月18日亞洲活動報告:TVN Corporation (ASX:TVN)在蒙古發現137米厚含煤系統

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2011年7月18日亞洲活動報告:TVN Corporation Limited (ASX:TVN) 已在蒙古中部的Nuurst項目鑽遇一個137米厚的含煤系統;Hunnu Coal Limited (ASX:HUN)已經收到蒙古Tsant Uul項目的開採牌照;United Uranium Limited (ASX:UUL)已開始在北領地的McArthur River項目開始鑽探;Exalt Resources Limited (ASX:ERD)已在新南威爾士州其全資所有的Mineral Hill South 項目完成大量地球物理查勘。


2011年2月24日澳洲股市:Viralytics (ASX:VLA)收到中國頒發的有關使用EVATAK(TM)治療卵巢癌的專利批准通知

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2011年2月24日澳洲股市包括:Viralytics (ASX:VLA) 收到中國頒發的有關使用EVATAK(TM)治療卵巢癌的專利批准通知;Peak Resources Limited (ASX:PEK)報告2010年11月至12月期間在Ngualla中部山區實施反循環鑽探和金剛石鑽探的其餘檢測結果;Ferrum Crescent Limited (ASX:FCR)已開始在南非Moonlight鐵礦石項目鑽探;United Uranium Limited (ASX:UUL)公佈山東省第一地礦勘察院投資批准;Gindalbie Metals Limited (ASX:GBG)今天宣布將在兩個月內發運首批西澳Karara鐵礦石項目生產的鐵礦石貨物。


2010年9月27日澳洲股市:Metgasco Limited (ASX:MEL)考慮浮式液化天然氣項目

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2010年9月27日澳洲股市報告包括:Metgasco Limited (ASX:MEL)考慮浮式液化天然氣項目並開始可行性研究;Tap Oil Limited (ASX:TAP)公佈,昨天在文萊達魯薩蘭的區塊M鑽陸上勘探井Markisa-1;Centaurus Metals Limited (ASX:CTM)報告稱,繼獲得很好鑽探結果後,正在穩步邁向取得Jambreiro初始資源量的目標;United Uranium Limited (ASX:UUL )已經與山東省第一地質礦產勘查院簽署了一份條款清單。


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