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XY LLC, based in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA, has emerged as the world leader in the research, development and commercialization of XY(R) sex selection technology in non-human mammals, including cattle, horses, pigs, and endangered species.

XY LLC is the master licensee in control of all sperm sorting in non-human mammals worldwide. The XY sex selection technology creates the ability to choose the sex of the offspring using sexed semen or sexed embryos.

We are committed to excellence in the advancement of reproductive science and in service to XY LLC licensees worldwide.



XY LLC obtient un jugement de 8,5 M $ contre un ancien fabricant licencié

🕔3/7/2012 11:43:25 AM 7694

XY LLC (anciennement XY Inc), un leader innovateur dans l'industrie de la reproduction du bétail et principal promoteur de la commercialisation de la technologie de sexage du sperme chez les animaux, vient de recevoir un jugement de 8,5 millions de dollars contre l'un de ses anciens licenciés, JingJing Genetics Inc du Canada et les dirigeants de JingJing, Jesse Jia-Bei Zhu, Selen Cui Feng Zhou et Jin Tang.

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