Shougang Concord International Enterprise Co.

 Shougang Concord International Enterprises Company Limited an investment holding company. The Company is organized into six segments: steel manufacturing, shipping operations, electricity generation, steel trading, kitchen and laundry equipment, and others. The steel manufacturing segment manufactures and sells steel products. The shipping operations segment includes vessel chartering and the hiring of floating cranes. The electricity generation segment is engaged in the generation of electricity, steam and hot water. The Company’s steel trading segment is engaged in the trading of steel products. The kitchen and laundry equipment segment is engage in the manufacture and installation of kitchen and laundry equipment. Others includes management services business. 



オーストラリア市場レポート 11月24日:弱気市場における急上昇

🕔11/24/2008 1:00:40 PM 11780

2日間の売りにより主要指数が5年間での最低水準へ押し下げられた後、金曜日の米国株式は力強く反発した。米国経済が不況へ転落することを防ぐ大規模な経済刺激策が Obama 氏によって計画されるとの期待のもと、ウォール街では急上昇が記録された。


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