Cheung Kong Infrastructure Holdings Ltd.

HKG:1038 ISIN:BMG2098R1025

Cheung Kong Infrastructure Holdings Limited is engaged in the development, investment and operation of infrastructure businesses in Hong Kong, the Mainland, Australia, Canada, Philippines and the United Kingdom. The Company has built a portfolio of businesses that comprises a power generation portfolio in Hong Kong, Mainland China and Canada with a total installed capacity that exceeds 10,000 megawatts; an electricity distribution network that covers Hong Kong and Australia; gas businesses in the United Kingdom and Australia; water assets in the United Kingdom and Australia; approximately 400 kilometers of toll roads and bridges in various provinces in Mainland China, and cement, concrete and quarry operations in Hong Kong, Mainland China and the Philippines. On June 24, 2008, Wellington Electricity Distribution Network Limited, an indirect wholly owned subsidiary of the Company, acquired Vector Wellington Electricity Network Limited, from Vector Metering Data Services Limited. 



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