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Volt Resources ASX:VRCVolt Resources Ltd (ASX:VRC) is a critical minerals and battery material company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange under the ASX code VRC. We are a graphite producer/developer and an emerging natural graphite anode (a key component of lithium-ion batteries) producer. Volt has a 70% controlling interest in the Zavalievsky Graphite (ZG) business in Ukraine. Zavalievsky mine has been in operation since 1934 and is in close proximity to key markets with significant developments in lithium-ion battery. ZG benefits from an existing customer base and graphite product supply chains based on excellent transport infrastructure covering road, rail, river and sea freight combined with reliable grid power, ample potable ground water supply and good communications.




アジア市場活動レポート 2011年5月5日: Cape Alumina (ASX:CBX) は Bauxite Hills プロジェクトにおける重要事項を達成

🕔5/5/2011 12:09:43 PM 10176

アジア市場活動レポート 2011年5月5日: Cape Alumina Limited (ASX:CBX) は Cape York 西部の先住民土地保有者との間で同社の Bauxite Hills 鉱山および港湾プロジェクト区域におけるアクセス合意をまとめた。Aphrodite Gold Limited (ASX:AQQ) は西オーストラリア州にある同社の主要 Aphrodite 金プロジェクトからの更に大規模な結果を発表。 Mozambi Coal Limited (ASX:MOZ) はモザンビークの Tete West プロジェクトでの 初回掘削プログラムを開始。 Kibaran Nickel Limited (ASX:KNL) はタンザニア Kagera ニッケルプロジェクトでの掘削を開始。


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  • 2024/06/14: Notification regarding unquoted securities - VRC*
  • 2024/06/11: Volt Starts Production Trials*
  • 2024/05/31: ZG Starts Shipment of High Purity Micronized Graphite*
  • 2024/05/08: Notification regarding unquoted securities - VRC*
  • 2024/05/03: Zavalievsky Graphite Update*
  • 2024/04/30: Quarterly Activities/Appendix 5B Cash Flow Report*
  • 2024/04/29: Zavalievsky Graphite Growth Plan and Progress*
  • 2024/04/24: Proposed issue of securities - VRC*
  • 2024/04/24: Proposed issue of securities - VRC*
  • 2024/04/24: Volt Secures Funding*
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