IRESS Ltd (ASX:IRE) is a principal supplier of financial markets, wealth management, and mortgage systems in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Asia, Canada, and South Africa.

All product streams support a diverse range of roles and offer front, middle and back-office functionality for clients that range from financial service institutions through to independent operators.

IRESS is a progressive, service-based organisation that employs over 1500 people globally, with local knowledge and industry experience.

IRESS strives for excellence in relationships with clients and industry bodies alike. IRESS is client-driven, responsive and promotes a culture that supports working with customers and the industry to face challenges and keep pace with industry developments.


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2월23일 호주 시장보고서: 미국 및 유럽증시 약세 지속

🕔2/23/2009 1:00:38 PM 15785

호주 증시는 금요일 하향세로 마감했다. S&P/ASX200 지수는 46.5포인트(1.4%)가 하락한 3402.4를 기록했으며 AO 지수는 45포인트(1.3%)가 떨어져 3353을 기록했다. 해외 증시의 부정적 외풍으로 인해 곧 발표될 반기 수입보고서도 시장분위기에 별 다른 변화를 가져오지 못할 것으로 보인다.

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  • 2024/02/26: Iress enters into agreement to sell Platform business*
  • 2024/02/21: IRE Appendix 4G and Corporate Governance Statement*
  • 2024/02/21: Iress Results presentation*
  • 2024/02/21: ASX Release - Iress reports 2023 financial results*
  • 2024/02/21: IRE - Appendix 4E and 2023 Annual Report (incl. ESG Report)*
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