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 Acrux is a specialty pharmaceutical company, developing and commercialising a range of patented, patient-preferred healthcare products for global markets, using its innovative technology to administer drugs through the skin. Acrux's product pipeline includes treatments of hormonal deficiencies, pain, central nervous system disorders and a contraceptive. Acrux has also licensed its technology to Eli Lilly for veterinary healthcare products.  

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6월22일 호주 시장보고서: 하락세 한풀 꺾여

🕔6/22/2009 1:00:22 PM 16849

호주 증시는 1주일 만에 처음으로 상승세로 마감했다. S&P/ASX200 지수는 7.5포인트(0.19%)가 오른 3,899.6를 기록했고 AO 지수는 7포인트(0.18%)가 오른 3894.4를 기록했다.

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