Galenica AG

SWF:GALN ISIN:CH0015536466

Galenica AG is a Switzerland-based company. It focuses on two strategic areas: Specialty Pharma, operating mainly in the anemia, nephrology and consumer health areas, and Swiss HealthCare Services, combining products from the Pharma business sector, logistics services and information management. The Company divides its operations into four business sectors: Vifor Pharma, Logistics, HealthCare Information and Retail. The Vifor Pharma sector develops, produces and markets its Consumer Healthcare products worldwide. The Logistics sector provides integrated services and develops new services for health care logistics throughout Switzerland, and operates through Alloga Ltd., Galexis Ltd. and G-Pharma Ltd., among others. The HealthCare Information sector operates through Documed Ltd., e-mediat Ltd., e-prica Ltd. and Triamun Ltd., offering data management products. The Retail sector is mainly active through GaleniCare, operating a pharmacy network in Switzerland. 

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호주 증시는 1주일 만에 처음으로 상승세로 마감했다. S&P/ASX200 지수는 7.5포인트(0.19%)가 오른 3,899.6를 기록했고 AO 지수는 7포인트(0.18%)가 오른 3894.4를 기록했다.

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