Phosphagenics Limited


Phosphagenics is a Melbourne-based, globally driven biotechnology company focused on the discovery of new and cost effective ways to enhance the bioavailability, activity, safety and delivery of proven pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products.

Phosphagenics' core technology is built around the science and application of phosphorylation, a process where the addition of a phosphate group has been found to enhance the bioavailability, activity and safety of existing pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals, as well as to assist in the production of drug delivery platforms.

Phosphagenics' shares are listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (POH) and the London Stock Exchange's Alternative Investment Market (PSG). An ADR - Level 1 program was established in the U.S. with The Bank of New York Mellon (PPGNY) for U.S. investors to trade in Phosphagenics' stock on the 'over-the-counter' market. In July 2007, this was upgraded to the International OTCQX, a new premium market tier in the U.S. for international exchange-listed companies, operated by Pink Sheets, LLC. 

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2011년 2월7일 호주 시장보고서: Automotive Technology Group (ASX:ATJ), 과급기 시스템의 세계적인 효율 우수성 검증

🕔2/7/2011 1:30:00 PM 10537

2011년 2월7일 호주 시장보고서: Automotive Technology Group Limited (ASX:ATJ), 자사의 차량 과급기 시스템의 세계적인 효율 우수성 검증// Aviva Corporation Limited (ASX:AVA), 석탄조사를 통해 보츠와나 Mmamantswe 프로젝트의 수출용 열탄 생산 잠재력 확인// EnviroGold Limited (ASX:EVG), 남미 사업 경영진 강화// Phosphagenics Limited (ASX:POH), 미국에서 건선 치료제 개발을 위해 공조협력

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