SmartTrans Holdings Limited


SmartTrans Holdings Ltd ASX SMASmartTrans Holdings Limited (ASX:SMA) is a leading Australian technology and software provider that has developed a mobile and online billing and payment platform for the China market The company has agreements in place with China Mobile, China Unicorn, China Telecom CMPay, UnionPay and Alipay. With the growing use of the smartphone as a billing device in China, the company is experiencing significant uptake of its technology in that market. SmartTrans has also developed cutting-edge proprietary logistics software which is used by some of Australia's leading blue-chip organisations who have long term contracts in place with the company. SmartTrans is assessing growth opportunities for its logistic offering in China to complement its mobile and online payments platform.


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2011년 8월19일 아시아 현장보고서: SmartTrans Holdings (ASX:SMA), China Mobile (HKG:0941)와 협력관계 체결

🕔8/19/2011 12:00:16 PM 13968

2011년 8월19일 아시아 현장보고서: SmartTrans Holdings (ASX:SMA), China Mobile (HKG:0941)와 협력관계 체결하고 China Mobile의 대금 지급서비스 이용// Golden Rim Resources Limited (ASX:GMR), 부르키나파소 Balogo 프로젝트 2차 RC 시추작업에서 구리 및 금 광물 시추// Highlands Pacific Limited (ASX:HIG), 15억 달러(U$)건설규모의 파푸아뉴기니 Ramu 니켈 프로젝트의 Basamuk 처리공장 9월부터 가동예정// Aquila Resources Limited (ASX:AQA), 퀸즐랜드 주정부로부터 퀸즐랜드 중부 Eagle Downs 강점결탄 프로젝트 광산리스 허가확보// Suven Life Sciences Limited (BOM:530239), 신경퇴행성질환과 관련된 장애 치료 상품 특허 4건 확보

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