Yum Brands, Inc.

YUM! Brands, Inc. (YUM) is a quick service restaurant (QSR) with over 36,000 units in more than 110 countries and territories. Through the five concepts of KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, LJS and A&W (the Concepts), the Company develops, operates, franchises and licenses a worldwide system of restaurants, which prepare, package and sell a menu of food items. The Company either operates units or they are operated by independent franchisees or licensees under the terms of franchise or license agreements. In addition, the Company owns non-controlling interests in Unconsolidated Affiliates in China who operate similar to franchisees. YUM's business consists of three segments: United States, YUM Restaurants International (YRI) and the China Division. The China Division includes mainland China (China), Thailand and KFC Taiwan, and YRI includes the remainder of its international operations. 

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