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Sydney, 2011年10月14日, (ABN Newswire) - 财经视频:Platina Resources Limited (googlechartASX:PGM)勘探经理Thomas Abraham-James近日在悉尼Investorium.tv向资本市场发表演讲,介绍了该公司位于格陵兰岛的Skaergaard铂族金属与黄金项目以及位于澳大利亚的Owendale多种金属项目。

Abraham-James先生是一名地质学家,在其职业生涯初期,他在南非的布什维尔德杂岩体地区(Placer Dome)进行勘探工作,在加入Platina之前,他在力拓公司的Argyle金刚石矿担任矿产地质学家。Abraham-James先生参与了Platina全部的项目,并于2008、2009以及2010年管理在格陵兰岛勘探季所进行的工作。


内容关于 Platina Resources Limited

Platina Resources Limited (ASX:PGM)Platina Resources Limited (ASX:PGM) (OTCMKTS:PTNUF) is an Australian-based company focused on returning shareholder value by advancing early-stage metals projects through exploration, feasibility, permitting and into development.

The Company has interests in the following projects:

- Platina Scandium Project (100% interest) - located in central New South Wales, the project is one of the largest and highest-grade scandium deposits in the world, which has the potential to become Australia's first scandium producer with cobalt and nickel credits. A Definitive Feasibility Study was completed in late 2018 demonstrating the technical and economic viability of constructing the project. The Company is now focused on completing the permitting and securing offtake and financing.

- Skaergaard (100% interest) - One of the world's largest undeveloped gold deposits and one of the largest palladium resources outside of South Africa and Russia, located in Greenland;

- Munni Munni (30% interest) - Situated in the Pilbara region of Western Australia, the project is one of Australia's most significant Platinum Group Metal occurrences. Munni Munni also has potential for conglomerate hosted gold and is a Joint Venture with Artemis Resources Limited; and

- Blue Moon (to earn a 70% interest) - Located in California, U.S.A, the project is subject to a Nl 43-101 Mineral Resource estimate. The resource is open at depth and along strike and has favourable metallurgy.

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Platina Resources Limited
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