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Perth, 2014年9月30日, AEST (ABN Newswire) - Platina Resources Limited (ASX:PGM) (PTNUF:OTCMKTS)在新南威尔士州的 Owendale钪铂项目仍然是迄今为止全球发现的品位最高的红土矿钪矿床,具有稳定的、可能是大吨位的钪生产能力。


Platina 今年完成了Owendale的进一步钻探,指示资源量和推断资源量提升至2400万吨品位为383ppm的钪,边界品位300ppm,蕴含9,100吨钪金属。进一步的钻探将铂资源量提高了90,000盎司,资源量达到3,100万吨,品位每吨0.52克,铂金属的原地蕴藏总量为520,000盎司。

继Owendale资源量提升之后,Platina为识别是否可以用低成本冶金工艺生产铂精矿以及将钪品位提升至1,000ppm, 开始了一系列的冶金测试工作。




Platina的目标是在未来几个月里签订和执行与内蒙古弘丰锆业有限公司和湖南东方钪业有限公司的两份协议,为Platina将Owendale开发成世界领先的钪生产厂家提供巨大支持。 Platina有可能出口适度加工升级的精矿(钪含量1000ppm,而原矿钪品位384ppm),到中国进行再加工,这种方式可能推动Owendale进行低成本提早投产,实现突破。


内容关于 Platina Resources Limited

Platina Resources Limited (ASX:PGM)Platina Resources Limited (ASX:PGM) (OTCMKTS:PTNUF) is an Australian-based company focused on returning shareholder value by advancing early-stage metals projects through exploration, feasibility, permitting and into development.

The Company has interests in the following projects:

- Platina Scandium Project (100% interest) - located in central New South Wales, the project is one of the largest and highest-grade scandium deposits in the world, which has the potential to become Australia's first scandium producer with cobalt and nickel credits. A Definitive Feasibility Study was completed in late 2018 demonstrating the technical and economic viability of constructing the project. The Company is now focused on completing the permitting and securing offtake and financing.

- Skaergaard (100% interest) - One of the world's largest undeveloped gold deposits and one of the largest palladium resources outside of South Africa and Russia, located in Greenland;

- Munni Munni (30% interest) - Situated in the Pilbara region of Western Australia, the project is one of Australia's most significant Platinum Group Metal occurrences. Munni Munni also has potential for conglomerate hosted gold and is a Joint Venture with Artemis Resources Limited; and

- Blue Moon (to earn a 70% interest) - Located in California, U.S.A, the project is subject to a Nl 43-101 Mineral Resource estimate. The resource is open at depth and along strike and has favourable metallurgy.

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