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In conjunction with ABN Newswire's Corporate IR Services profile (ABN-IR), ABN Newswire has developed an integrated network of investment opportunities, and the platform to connect investment capital with Asian investment opportunities for the purposes of assisting the development of these opportunities, and by working with the management of public companies to introduce potential Investors and Joint Venture partners.

ABN Newswire is seeking expressions of interest from Institutional, sophisticated and professional investors, both domestic and international, with an interest in investment in minerals, energy and resources based companies.

ABN-IR is an initiative of ABN Newswire to provide connections between investment opportunities and funding capital, and to introduce pre-qualified Investors and Investment Funds, with a view to participate by way of direct equity investment in the Company, or joint venture funding in the Company's projects.

About ABN Newswire

ABN Newswire is a leading communications technology company, and electronically publishes and distributes corporate and financial video, news and information from publicly listed companies directly to investors and financial media outlets worldwide in multiple languages through a professional database network and financial news distribution platform.

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