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GoConnect Limited (ASX:GCN) is pleased to advise that Go Green Holdings Ltd ("Go Green Holdings") 45% owned by GCN, has entered into a shareholder agreement with Australia's premier business news publisher and corporate communications platform ABN Newswire to establish ABN Go VR Ltd. For more details, please refer to the following media release.

ABN Newswire - Go Green Holdings first movers in VR TV corporate communications

"Deliver your company news, directly to investors, where they look for it. Today more than ever, you must reach investors with relevant and concise information." ABN Newswire.

Together with Go Green Holdings, an early mover in VR social media, ABN Newswire has entered into an agreement to establish ABN Go VR Ltd. The two companies will hold equal interest in ABN Go VR Ltd.

ABN Go VR Ltd will be launching the world's first Virtual Reality ("VR") corporate news and communications media channel branded as ABNGoVR.

Go Green Holdings has already built up a strong portfolio of VR businesses with a number of strategic partners across retailing, TV entertainment content, VR headset supply, and VR social media.

To stay relevant in today's fast changing technological environment, ABN Newswire is adding VR, the ultimate media form, to its distribution platforms via ABN Go VR Ltd.

Premier business news publisher ABN Newswire delivers text and video directly to investors' desktops and smartphones. Direct publishing in 14 languages in real time to Professional News systems such as Bloomberg, Dow Jones and Reuters, Retail equity news websites such as Yahoo Finance, as well as rapid discoverability on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Baidu. ABN Newswire is globally accredited to the top tier suppliers of financial news.

ABN Newswire identifies that it is immensely important to ensure the company remains relevant to the way current and new investors source their investment information. Just as social media campaigns have become an integral component in corporate communications, so too will VR social media.

ABN Newswire has incorporated a renewed vigour in ensuring its client base is provided with the means to communicate directly or indirectly to shareholders, investors and potential markets which includes integrated social media and now, also VR social media functions.

ABNGoVR will be able to leverage on the substantial corporate information database and existing distribution platforms of ABN Newswire distributed in 14 languages, and the global VR corporate relationships, in-depth knowledge of the global VR industry, and new media expertise of Go Green Holdings, to allow VR users from anywhere to access corporate news and communications from the comfort of their home or office while they are "teleported" to ABNGoVR's virtual environments to participate in investor chat rooms, corporate presentations, shareholder meetings, analyst briefings, company result announcement conferences, CEO interviews, corporate newsbreaks, from "front row seats" and be able to feel the presence of corporate management and other participants in real time.

Until the arrival of VR and the availability of mass produced mobile VR headsets at affordable prices, such events on VR could only be described as science fiction. Now, with the VR consumer global ecosystem expanding rapidly and in keeping with the corporate mission of ABN Newswire and Go Green Holdings, the time has arrived to deliver the best-in-breed VR services to investors and corporate clients. Via the application of today's technology, ABNGoVR will be the first to deliver VR users an immersive experience in the corporate world on the VR platform. To accelerate the adoption of ABNGoVR, discussions are already under way with major VR headset vendors to pre-install the ABNGoVR app on their headsets.

Richard Li Chairman of Go Green Holdings says, "VR experts refer to VR as the closest thing to dreaming. For Go Green Holdings, the opportunity to deliver news and communications for the corporates to investors, and have them all gathered in the one place, be able to interact in a virtual social environment is, as amazing as it is, no longer a dream. We live in a world full of opportunities. I am delighted to be able to partner with the far sighted team at ABN Newswire to seize upon this opportunity, to convert dreams to realities, and be the first mover to help make a better place for the corporate world."

Timothy McKinnon, CEO of ABN Newswire says, "In the fast paced corporate and financial world, investors often take second place to the plans and visions of many company executives. However, it IS about the shareholder and VR allows stakeholders to be immersed in the corporate goals of a company by being 'in the room' and participating first hand in the virtual boardroom."

"The Partnership with Go Green Holdings provides ABNGoVR an incredible opportunity to revolutionise the way in which we communicate. VR technology is positioned to change the way we interact, not just in a corporate environment, but with each other in a flexible yet intimate setting. VR looks to radically change the future of communications across multiple sectors."

For further information on ABNGoVR, please visit:

About ABN Newswire

ABN Newswire is a leading communications technology company, and electronically publishes and distributes corporate and financial video, news and information from publicly listed companies directly to investors and financial media outlets worldwide in multiple languages through a professional database network and financial news distribution platform.

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About GoConnect Limited

GoConnect Limited (ASX:GCN) is a global media communications company, based in Melbourne, Australia. Established since August 1999, GoConnect is a forward thinking organisation, which core business is the online delivery of interactive audio/video content through its unique and proprietary technologies.

In 2000, GoConnect pioneered the delivery of video on the Internet through its own patented video delivery technology GoTrek and the GoTrek derivative for the mobile phone, m-Vision in 2003.



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