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In this issue: Asian demand for gold is still determining gold price, while the US$ gold testing 2011 downtrend, and the latest Martin Place Securities (MPS) portfolio and gold sector universe. Read this latest Dawes Points to better understand investing in the resources sector.

Key Points

- Asian demand for gold still determining gold price
- US$ gold testing 2011 downtrend
- US Fed Funds Rate Hike is not negative for gold
- Global bond markets weakening again
- Block chain cryptocurrency boom is probably leading gold and commodities
- ASX Gold stocks now very attractive
- 1 July 2017 Gold Stock Portfolio prepared
- MPS Senior gold stock universe PER 8.4x FY2018 EPS (excl NCM)
- Emerging gold sector universe PER 2.5x FY2020 EPS

Preferred Stocks

- Evolution Mining Ltd (ASX:EVN)
- Newcrest Mining Limited (ASX:NCM)
- Northern Star Resources Ltd (ASX:NST)
- OceanaGold Corporation (ASX:OGC)
- Westgold Resources Ltd (ASX:WGX)
- Tribune Resources Ltd (ASX:TBR)
- Cardinal Resources Ltd (ASX:CDV)
- Eastern Goldfields Ltd (ASX:EGS)
- Gold Road Resources Ltd (ASX:GOR)
- St Barbara Ltd (ASX:SBM)
- Beadell Resources Ltd (ASX:BDR)
- Blackham Resources Ltd (ASX:BLK)
- Perseus Mining Limited (ASX:PRU)
- Resolute Mining Limited (ASX:RSG)
- Catalyst Metals Ltd (ASX:CYL)
- Engenco Ltd (ASX:EGN)
- Explaurum Ltd (ASX:EXU)
- Kin Mining NL (ASX:KIN)
- Pantoro Ltd (ASX:PNR)
- Stonewall FPO (ASX:SWJ)
- Tyranna Resources Ltd (ASX:TYX)
- WPG Resources Ltd (ASX:WPG)

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