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Cryptocurrency Exchange (CRYPTO:BNB) open trading for DOCK/BTC (CRYPTO:DOCK) and DOCK/ETH trading pairs. Users can now start depositing DOCK in preparation for trading.


Dock is a data exchange protocol that will be the data layer powering user data for consumer apps across the web. Dock gives people complete control of their personal data online and provides interoperability between networks and apps, creating a new economy for the trillion dollar data industry.

The Dock App has 1 million registered users in under 6 months and has quickly become one of the most highly trafficked blockchain websites on the internet.

Max Supply: 1,000,000,000

Circulating Supply: 429,131,891

Issue Price: $0.08

To view the Whitepaper, please visit:

About Binance

Binance (CRYPTO:BNB) is a cryptocurrency exchange with a focus on the Chinese market and other Chinese coins. Currently, it supports English and Chinese users. The Binance token (BNB) was created during the ICO event to fund the development of the Binance exchange.

Binance is capable of processing 1.4 mil orders/second, has multi-language support and has all the major coins available – BTC, ETH, LTC, BNB etc. Trading fee is 0.1%.

Binance Mission: Commit to offer the professional, secure and transparent one-stop service to users in digital currency industry.

Binance Scale: Binance has over millions registered users from over 200 countries and regions.

Binance official website:


About Dock

The Dock (CRYPTO:DOCK) protocol is a special purpose decentralized data exchange protocol. This protocol is intended to incentivize the exchange of work experience, reviews and professional connections, and can be expanded to include any type of shareable data. In addition, the tokens serve as the proposal and voting utility to guide the evolution of development and changes to the Dock protocol. All token holders can contribute proposals and vote on changes and updates they’d like to see implemented. Applications receive tokens for data exchange. Users will have absolute control over their data through the use of a hosted third party service.





Link: Dock Whitepaper

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