Uranium One, Inc.


Uranium One, Inc., formerly SXR Uranium One Inc., is engaged in the mining and production of uranium, and in the acquisition, exploration and development of properties for the production of uranium, in Kazakhstan, South Africa, United States, Australia and Canada. Uranium One also owns a 67% interest in Afl ease Gold Limited (Afl ease Gold), which is engaged in the development of the Modder East Gold Project in South Africa. Uranium One owns a 70% interest in both the producing Akdala Uranium Mine and the South Inkai Uranium Project and it is developing the Kharasan Project in Kazakhstan, in which it owns a 30% interest. The Company also owns the Dominion Uranium Project in South Africa; projects in the Powder River and Great Divide Basins in Wyoming, the Hobson ISR Uranium Processing Facility and La Palangana ISR Project in Texas and the Shootaring Mill in Utah, the Honeymoon Uranium Project in Australia. Uranium One acquired UrAsia Energy Limited on April 20, 2007. 




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