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Chiho-Tiande Group Limited

 Chiho-Tiande Group Limited (HKH:0976), is a recycler specialized in Mixed Metal Scrap recycling, disassembling and processing, and resource recycling. Our group is the largest Mixed Metal Scrap recycler in china in terms of the total import volume for Mixed Metal Scrap approved by the MEP and the actual import volume of Mixed Metal Scrap, and also the largest importer of Mixed Metal Scrap for importing, recycling, reusing and processing. According to the estimation of CRU Strategies, China represents the world’s largest importer of copper waste and scrap, accounting for over two thirds of global total reported import volume of 8.2 million tons in 2008. According to the China Customs data, we have been the largest importer of mixed copper scrap in China for years. The main business of our group is to separate, disassemble and process wasted motors, wasted dynamo, wasted electric wires and cables, and other Mixed Metal Scraps, and then gather them into secondary metal that are with unified specification and could be recycled. In this way, the resource utilization could be improved and environmental destruction could also be lessened.



China CleanTech August 2015 Result: Another Tough Month in China

🕔9/15/2015 9:32:05 AM 8579

The China CleanTech Index underperformed two of its four benchmarks for the month of August 2015 and recorded a loss of 10.3%. This was driven by big losses across all Chinese stocks due to the volatile Shanghai stock exchange.

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February 2015 Result: China CleanTech Companies Continue to Outperform

🕔3/10/2015 2:23:38 PM 7785

The China CleanTech Index rose from 53.27 to 56.14 over the month of February recording a 5.4% gain. This compared to the NEX gain of 7.8%, the CTIUS gain of 9.3%, the Shanghai Composite gain of 3.2% and the MSCI gain of 5.7%.

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January 2015 Result: China CleanTech Companies Continue to Outperform

🕔2/9/2015 4:57:33 PM 9081

The China CleanTech Index rose from 52.70 to 53.27 over the month of January recording a 1.1% gain. This compared to the NEX loss of 1.5%, the CTIUS loss of 3.3%, the Shanghai Composite loss of 0.7% and the MSCI loss of 1.9%.

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China CleanTech Index: April 2014 Result Second Weak Month Sheds Six Month Gains

🕔5/13/2014 4:59:12 PM 11125

The China CleanTech Index fell from 44.68 to 42.14 over the month of April recording a 5.6% loss. This compared to the NEX loss of 3.7%, the CTIUS loss of 2.3%, the Shanghai Composite loss of 0.4% and the MSCI gain of 0.8%.

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