Regensburg, Germany, Oct 2, 2007 - (Hugin via Asia Business News) - - GENEART showcases its expertise at the leading European Biotechnology Trade Fair in Hannover. - GENEART is able to provide any gene sequence for lab research with its industrial production platform of genes, and therefore bridges the gap to the rapidly growing amount of available sequence information. - GENEART presents the advantages of its technology platform for the development of modern vaccines in the Biotechnica conference program (2nd VPM Vaccine Development Days). - More than 12,000 visitors will gather information in the fields of pharmaceutical, industrial and plant biotechnology. - In 2007, more than 900 companies from about 30 countries are expected to attend the Biotechnica. - The industrial and plant biotechnology sectors enjoy increased significance.

Regensburg, October 02, 2007 - GENEART AG, as the global leader in the gene synthesis market and specialist in the synthetic biology sector, presents the industrial production of synthetic genes, gene libraries and entire genomes at the Biotechnica in Hannover (Germany). From October 09 to 11, experts from the pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology companies, scientists from academic fields, investors and journalists will engage in a global information exchange at the key event in the European biotechnology. More than 900 companies from around 30 countries will inform more than 12,000 visitors about new developments in the entire biotechnology field. The organizers have particularly recognized the increased significance of both industrial and plant biotechnology. GENEART therefore welcomes the Biotechnica as an ideal forum to showcase its state of the art production technology of synthetic genes (the building plans for living organisms) to customers from all parts of the globe. As demonstrated in the genome project HUGO ("Human Genome Organization"), modern gene sequencing and gene analysis methods produce an enormous amount of data on gene sequences. This flood of information by far exceeds the capabilities of conventional genetic engineering to provide these genes for conventional lab work, e.g. for the development of therapeutics. During the last ten years, a gap has emerged between the available gene sequence information on the one hand and the lower number of isolated genes on the other hand. GENEART bridges this gap with its industrial production process of synthetic genes. The company is able to provide any gene fast and efficient once the respective gene sequence information is available. Therefore, this technology platform improves and replaces genetic engineering methods, some of which have been established as early as 30 years ago. With the GENEART technology platform, gene sequences can be modified on the computer, and these in silico generated sequence can then be synthesized using GENEART's high-throughput production technologies. This unique combination provides scientists worldwide with the tools to create a never before possible wealth of novel biological products in a wide spectrum of biotechnological applications. Rational gene design offers advantages for the pharmaceutical biotechnology (for the development of drugs), the industrial biotechnology (for the production of specialty chemicals and active agents using optimized enzymes or microorganisms), and also for the environmental or plant biotechnology (e.g. for the production of pharmaceutically active substances in plants). In the course of the "2nd VPM Vaccine Development Days" of the Biotechnica, GENEART will also present work showing the benefits of rational DNA engineering for the development of modern vaccines. Professor Dr. Ralf Wagner, CEO of the GENEART AG, elaborates: "People all over the world put utmost effort in the development of new vaccines against cancer, Aids, tuberculosis and influenza. New vaccine developments take a long time, often more than ten years. Our technology platform supports the efforts of the pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology companies to shorten the time-to-market intervals for improved vaccines. The production of synthetic genes not only offers a more cost-effective and faster way to obtain the necessary vaccine candidates, but it also offers maximal design flexibility and with it a way to rationally develop vaccines with improved safety profiles and efficacies. In short, the drug development is faster, better, safer and meanwhile also less costly. A DNA vaccine against Aids exemplifies this. GENEART has developed this vaccine in cooperation with the Institute for Medical Microbiology and Hygiene of the University Regensburg (Germany). Meanwhile, it has successfully passed the clinical phase I trial in the EuroVacc Consortium program".

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Background information: About GENEART AG

GENEART was founded in 1999. Today, the company ranks as the leading global specialist in gene synthesis for research institutions, the pharmaceutical industry and for enterprises in biotechnology and chemistry. GENEART offers integrated product systems based on gene synthesis for the development of innovative drugs, in particular for DNA- and protein-based therapeutics and vaccines, and for the identification of improved industrial enzymes. Service offerings range from synthesizing artificial genes according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000, via constructing gene libraries in the field of combinatorial biology, to the production and development of DNA-based active components. The team of more than 80 employees in Regensburg and with the subsidiary GENEART Inc. in Toronto/Canada reached break even in 2005. Since May 2006 GENEART AG is listed at the German Stock Exchange.


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