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2016 An Emerging Gemstone Miner in Mozambique

Mustang Resources Ltd (ASX:MUS) (OTCMKTS:GGPLF) is pleased to provide the Company's latest Resources Rising Stars Investor Presentation May 2017.

Montepuez Ruby Project
Near-Term Cashflow from Bulk Sampling Program

- Rubies are the most expensive gemstone after diamonds - with fine rubies +5cts extremely rare

- Before the 2009 discovery of the Montepuez field in Mozambique, supply was highly fragmented and unreliable (Myanmar, Afghanistan, Madagascar)

- Consistency of supply from Montepuez provides opportunity for rapid growth in ruby market size

- Global polished ruby market size estimated at US$2billion p.a (2014) - total coloured gemstone market (ruby, sapphire & emerald) estimated at US$5.9 billion p.a (2015)

- Consumer demand has caused prices of rubies to increase 63% over past 8 years **

- Market size continues to grow:

o Coloured gemstone market grew 13% in 2015 period while diamonds decreased 17% from US$84 billion to US$70 billion *

o Strong demand from US, Europe, India, Thailand and China

- US$1.2 billion imports of coloured gemstones into US market (4.5% of diamond market) #

- Mustang market engagement in the USA & Asia has confimed unmet demand for ethically-mined rubies

Montepuez - A World-Class Gem Field

- The montepuez region in Mozambique is ideally positioned to rapidly secure a substantial share of the lucrative global ruby market

- Commercial potential highlighted by Gemfields' success in gereating US$225 million in ruby sales up to Dec 2016 (all during the exploration period)

- Montepuez gaining global prominence as the supply of equivalent quality rubies from Burma (Mogok) is very scarce

- Montepuez produces a wide variety of qualities for each of the different market segments

- Vast majority gem/facet quality rubies come from secondary deposits (alluvial/elluvial)

o Mustang (and its prospecting teams) only mine secondary deposits at present

- The Montepuez ruby field is very extensive, offering prospects of long mine lives

o Mustange has 195sqkm of highly prospective ground

- Montepuez ruby deposits are typically <15m from surface, free-digging and simple to process with good in-situ grades

o Formula for low-cost, high-margin mining operations

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* Source: Gemfields Annual Report
** Source: Gemval Relative Value Index
# Source: Global Mining Observer, Issue 131 July 2015

About New Energy Minerals Ltd

New Energy Minerals Ltd is an ASX listed company focused on the mining and exploration of Vanadium and Graphite – two commodities critical for the 'New Energy Market'.

The Company is currently fast tracking its world-class Caula Vanadium-Graphite project in Northern Mozambique, located along strike from the Syrah Resources Ltd (ASX:SYR) Balama Project, with first cash flows targeted for H2 of 2019 from trial mining operations. New Energy Minerals' Caula project hosts a JORC (Measured) vanadium-graphite resource of 22 Mt @ 0.37% V2O5 (0.2% cut-off) and 13.4% TGC (8% cut-off) for 81,600 tonnes of vanadium pentoxide (180 million pounds) and 2.93 Mt of contained graphite.

New Energy minerals has a highly experienced Board of Directors, management, finance, exploration and geological team, with a 15-year track record of investment and successful project development in Mozambique and the Africa region. The Company aims to become a major provider of vanadium and graphite, both key components used in battery production.



Managing Director:
Christiaan Jordaan
T: +61-2-9239-3119

Media & Investor Relations:
Paul Armstrong
T: +61-8-9388-1474

Link: Resources Rising Stars Investor Presentation May 2017

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