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Bluechiip Ltd ASX BCTBluechiip Ltd (ASX:BCT) has developed a wireless tracking solution for the healthcare and life science, security, defence and manufacturing industries which represents a generational change from current methods such as labels (hand-written and pre-printed), barcodes (linear and 2D) and microelectronic integrated circuit (IC)-based RFID (Radio Frequency Identification).

The unique tag is based on MEMS technology and contains no electronics. The tag can either be embedded or manufactured into a storage product, such as vials or bags. Easy identification, along with any associated information from the tag such as temperature can be detected by a reader, which can also sense the temperature of the tagged items. The traditional identification technologies have significant limitations. Whereas a barcode requires a visible tag or line-of-sight optical scan, bluechiip(R) technology does not. Unlike labels, barcodes and RFID, the bluechiip(R) technology can sense the temperature of each item a tag is attached to, or embedded in.

The bluechiip(R) technology has initial applications in the healthcare industry particularly those businesses which require cryogenic storage facilities (biobanks and biorepositories). bluechiip(R) offers the only technology that enables accurate and reliable tracking of products including stem cells, cord blood, and other biospecimens. In addition to functioning in extreme temperatures, the bluechiip(R) tracking solution can survive autoclaving, gamma irradiation sterilization, humidification, centrifuging, cryogenic storage and frosting.

The bluechiip(R) technology has other healthcare applications in pathology, clinical trials and forensics. Several other key markets outside of healthcare include cold-chain logistics/supply chain, security/defence, industrial/manufacturing and aerospace/aviation.

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Bluechiip Ltd (ASX:BCT) Major Agreement Signed With Labcon North America

🕔4/10/2017 8:26:54 AM 1529

Bluechiip Ltd (ASX:BCT), a leader in the development of sample tracking technology for harsh environments, today announced it has entered a license and supply agreement with California-based Labcon North America, the world's leading manufacturer of earthfriendly laboratory consumables.

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Bluechiip Ltd (ASX:BCT) Half Yearly Report and Accounts

🕔2/23/2017 9:10:56 AM 1234

Bluechiip Ltd (ASX:BCT) is pleased to provide the Company's Half Yearly Report for the period ended 31 December, 2016.

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Bluechiip Ltd (ASX:BCT) December 2016 Quarterly Cash Flow Report

🕔1/25/2017 11:28:45 AM 1659

Bluechiip Ltd (ASX:BCT) today released its quarterly cash flow report for the period ended 31 December 2016.

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Bluechiip Ltd (ASX:BCT) CEO Interview / Open Briefing

🕔12/8/2016 2:31:47 PM 1784

Bluechiip Ltd (ASX:BCT) is pleased to provide the script of the Open Briefing interview with the MD/CEO.

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Bluechiip Ltd (ASX:BCT) AGM Presentation

🕔11/25/2016 8:27:31 AM 1633

Bluechiip Ltd (ASX:BCT) is pleased to provide the company's AGM Presentation.

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Bluechiip Ltd (ASX:BCT) Receives Funding for Over-temperature R&D

🕔11/17/2016 2:55:34 PM 1555

Bluechiip Ltd (ASX:BCT) today announced the company has received $50,000 in funding from Innovation Connections to proceed with the second phase of development of its 'overtemperature' chip technology with the University of Melbourne.

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Bluechiip Ltd (ASX:BCT) Sales of Starter Kits to Two Key Institutions

🕔11/9/2016 9:39:41 AM 1864

Bluechiip Ltd (ASX:BCT) today announced that it has sold three Starter Kits, which include Bluechiip readers and 4,000 associated consumables.

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Bluechiip Ltd (ASX:BCT) Annual Report to Shareholders

🕔10/26/2016 9:05:00 AM 1513

Bluechiip Ltd (ASX:BCT) is pleased to provide its Annual Report 2016 to shareholders.

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Bluechiip Ltd (ASX:BCT) Full Year Statutory Accounts

🕔9/26/2016 8:28:40 AM 1439

Bluechiip Ltd (ASX:BCT) Directors submit their report for the year ended 30 June 2016.

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Bluechiip Ltd (ASX:BCT) Successfully Raises $1.49 Million

🕔9/21/2016 4:59:48 PM 1432

Bluechiip Limited (ASX:BCT) today announced that its pro rata 1-for-3 non-renounceable (Rights Issue) at an issue price of $0.022 per ordinary share (New Share) and its associated Shortfall Facility to raise up to approximately $1.49 million (before costs) closed on 16 September 2016.

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