Oct 24, 2014

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Yahoo! (NASDAQ:YHOO) and Alibaba Reach Agreement on Comprehensive Plan for Alibaba Stake

2012/05/21  11:45 - Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ:YHOO) and Alibaba Group Holding Limited today announced they have entered into a definitive agreement for a staged and comprehensive value realization plan for Yahoo!'s stake in Alibaba.

FINANCE VIDEO: White Crane Group Chief Economist Clifford Bennett Presents To Sydney Capital Markets at

2012/02/23  17:00 - FINANCE VIDEO: Clifford Bennett, Chief Economist at White Crane Group presents to Sydney Capital Markets at He gives a quick overview of the current global macroeconomic status, forecasting a robust economic growth and strong demand for commodities in 2012.

SAI Global (ASX:SAI) Reports Solid First Half Growth and Positions For Stronger Growth In FY13

2012/02/14  11:52 - SAI Global Limited (ASX:SAI) today announced a statutory half-year net profit after tax attributable to shareholders of $21.7M, representing an increase of 29.1% over the corresponding period. Underlying net profit, which backs out the impact of significant charges, was $22.1M, an increase of 12.7% over the underlying profit in the corresponding period.

Compliance Services Drives SAI Global (ASX:SAI) To New Highs

2011/08/17  10:33 - SAI Global Limited (ASX:SAI) today announced a record net profit after tax attributable to shareholders of A$44.8 million, representing an increase of 32.9% over the corresponding period. Underlying net profit, which backs out the impact of significant charges, was A$48.0 million, an increase of 42.4% over the corresponding period.

Gap, Inc. (NYSE:GPS): Banana Republic Bring 'Mad Men' Look to the Forefront

2011/06/23  11:38 - (Global Fashion Wire) - Banana Republic, owned by specialty retailer Gap, Inc. (NYSE:GPS), will be launching a capsule collection of 'Mad Men' men and women's fashions during August this year, marking another year of collaboration with the iconic AMC show. The collection, consisting of 65 pieces will entail clothing and accessories such as; suits, dresses, ties, sweaters, hats, skirts, coats and blouses, all influenced by the 'Mad Men' series.

FINANCE VIDEO: Clifford Bennett Invites Viewers To The White Crane Report

2011/04/20  14:53 - Chief Economist, Clifford Bennett, is widely recognized for his often market leading and insightful economic and financial market forecasts. Clifford has 25 years international experience with some of the world's leading investment banks, and was named the "world's most accurate currency forecaster" by Bloomberg News NY. Clifford is the author of "Warrior Trading" published by John Wiley & Sons New York, and frequently appears in the financial print and television media.

FINANCE VIDEO: Clifford Bennett Market Overview: Global Markets Continue To Unfold

2011/03/04  13:21 - Global markets continue to unfold according to our "Grand Bull Market" says Clifford Bennett of Herston Economics. The US dollar remains on the main stage, although the Euro has grabbed the centre, and is likely to continue to make strong gains throughout the year. ECB President Trichet may well follow through on yesterday's comments and hike by 25 points at the next meeting.

FINANCE VIDEO: Clifford Bennett Market Overview: Everything is Bullish Except The US Dollar

2011/03/03  14:11 - Clifford Bennett of Herston Economics says equity markets are stabilizing, before resuming a bullish trajectory in coming days. As expected equity markets will be moving higher alongside a higher oil price. Underlying all this will be a falling US dollar which is good for equity markets, the US economy and commodities. Clifford Bennett suggests caution regarding some commentators who keep suggesting doom and gloom which risks people missing out on what is still a very strong bull market and period of global economic prosperity.

FINANCE VIDEO: Clifford Bennett Market Overview: Oil Does Not Flow Fast Enough

2011/03/02  15:20 - The US market really got worried by the oil rally, and Bernanke's comments were exaggerated to good effect by the bears. The Australian market has been immediately marked lower in typical follow the leader fashion out of New York. As we approach what was our 'worst case' scenario near ASXSP200 4,785, think opportunity.

FINANCE VIDEO: Clifford Bennett Market Overview: Markets Moving As Expected

2011/03/01  12:30 - Markets are starting to move as expected, in a very bullish pattern, says Clifford Bennett of Herston Economics. In fact he believes the next two weeks could be among the more interesting periods of the year, as equity and commodity markets begin to accelerate higher. Oil and Gold continue to look good for further gains, and so do the Euro, sterling and Australian dollar.

FINANCE VIDEO: Clifford Bennett Market Overview: Astonishing Opportunity

2011/02/28  13:26 - Equity markets were marked lower last week on the back of continued geopolitical tension in the middle east. Yet by Friday the Dow Jones was showing signs of already having bottomed, and the US dollar was consolidating after failing to go on with the usual safe haven rally.

FINANCE VIDEO: Clifford Bennett Market Overview: World Will Live With Higher Oil Prices

2011/02/24  12:54 - We were looking for a possible better low today, and we certainly have that, said Clifford Bennett of Herston Economics. The outlook is for a major low to be put in place today Bennett said. While many are bearish equities because of higher oil prices, the reality is that businesses will have to adapt, because oil is going a lot higher, to US$145 perhaps this year. Global growth will remain strong nonetheless and the sell down in the equity market simply represents a great buying opportunity.

FINANCE VIDEO: Clifford Bennett Market Overview: Middle East Caution Intensifies

2011/02/22  12:35 - The upheaval in Libya has only intensified the caution that equity markets were taking, according to Clifford Bennett at Herston Economics. He makes the point that these developments are in some ways unfamiliar to us in the west, in that they are for the long term benefit of the region. This is a sharp adjustment in the political landscape toward greater democracy and capitalism. As such oil flows are unlikely to be effected other than for a very short period of time.

FINANCE VIDEO: Clifford Bennett Market Overview: ME and China Inflation Weigh On Markets

2011/02/21  13:58 - The equity market has started the weak with a heavy tone. While a return to bullish sentiment can be expected at some point through the week, the increased public outcry against several governments in the Middle East over the weekend are bound to cause investors some pause. It is most likely that any down turn in prices over Monday Tuesday are an opportunity to buy, as the global economy will not be slowed by these geopolitical developments.

FINANCE VIDEO: Clifford Bennett Market Overview: Equities Are Still Cheap

2011/02/17  12:35 - The equity market still represents remarkable value at current levels, and can in fact be described as cheap, say Clifford Bennett of Herston Economics. While company balance sheets are healthier, and profits higher than pre GFC, their stock prices are still only half what they were back then. With the world growing faster than others had forecast or expected, leaner corporations will reap the dividends.

FINANCE VIDEO: Clifford Bennett Market Overview: Still A Bull Market

2011/02/16  14:20 - Despite some hesitation or consolidation generally in markets, Clifford Bennett of Herston Economics still believes equity and commodity markets have further to go on the upside. While some suggest US retail sales were weak, they were actually up 0.8% over December/January when the north was experiencing terrible snow storms.

FINANCE VIDEO: Clifford Bennett Market Overview: Unavoidable US Dollar Decline

2011/02/15  12:16 - While president Obama's speech on reducing the deficit is an impressive suggestion, it will never actually happen. The US has a long history of strong talk on deficit reduction, but very poor form on real implementation. The US budget deficit this year is expected to be 10.9% of GDP, far worse than the largest economy in the Euro-zone, Germany, where the budget deficit is expected to be 3.7%. While the US may complain about the budget deficits of a few small economies in Europe, it has neglected its own far worse situation. Fed New York President William Dudley further exasperated the outlook for the US dollar with a speech claiming virtually full credit for the current recovery was due to QE2.

FINANCE VIDEO: Clifford Bennett Market Overview: Egypt On Firm And Positive Path

2011/02/14  12:26 - Clifford Bennett notes that the Egypt pound and equity market are strong buys and will probably continue to rally throughout the year. Also good news such as superb inflation number from Germany and strong consumer confidence data from US are likely to lead a strong week for equities and commodities.

FINANCE VIDEO: Clifford Bennett Market Overview: Mubarak Hesitates And So Do Markets

2011/02/11  12:48 - Clifford Bennett notes the current state of anxiety in Egypt, but suggests market hesitation is more about acceptance and consolidation of recent strong gains. Given there was also broad market over reaction to Cisco's caution on earnings, he does not expect any significant market pullback. In fact commodities continue to show the way, pointing to the world being caught short during a period of great economic expansion.

FINANCE VIDEO: Clifford Bennett Market Overview: Oil In Short Supply

2011/02/10  11:36 - We have been bullish oil since below US$40, and our US$145 target for next year remains in place says Herston Economics' Clifford Bennett. The recent selling of oil on the basis that things will calm down in Egypt, the Saudi's will pump more oil, and higher US reserve levels, all miss the two most important points. China and India will add millions of vehicles this year and there are indications global oil production is about to hit peak level beyond which it cannot go.

FINANCE VIDEO: Clifford Bennett On New Markets Paradigm

2011/02/09  11:33 - China raises interest rates and equity markets continue to climb, as do commodity prices. Clifford Bennett of Herston Economics says this is the new paradigm, at last one that fits more accurately with the underlying reality of a strong global economic boom that no one can stop, not even China. Herston Economics continues to highlight that this is a "bottom up economic revolution" driven by individuals and small businesses all around the world.

FINANCE VIDEO: Clifford Bennett Market Overview: Another Day In A Bull Market

2011/02/08  12:07 - Clifford Bennett of Herston Economics makes the point that the news just gets better and better. Even the usually of recent years bearish mainstream media cannot find anything but bullish stories to report. US equity markets continue to strengthen, and global growth looks set to accelerate as expected. Herston Economics, among the highest of any forecaster, expects global growth to reach 5.4% this year. This includes 4.3% in the USA, 2.6% in Europe, and 10.7% in China.

FINANCE VIDEO: Clifford Bennett On Equity Markets

2011/02/07  15:20 - The outlook for global equity markets, and especially the Australian market continues to improve. Australian equity markets in particular are still far below their correct fundamental value. Gold and oil, like other commodity markets, appear ready for further strong gains. The Australian dollar is comfortable in this higher band but is still targeting US$1.0800 this year, according to Clifford Bennett of Herston Economics.

FINANCE VIDEO: Clifford Bennett Market Overview: Dow Clings to Gains

2011/02/04  11:50 - After some very strong gains the US equity market continues to cling to recent highs, and can be expected to move higher next week, according to Clifford Bennett of Herston Economics. Clifford remains bullish on equity, commodity and currency markets except for the US dollar. The overnight fall in the Euro is a stand out buy, and not even Egypt concerns can keep Gold down.

FINANCE VIDEO: Clifford Bennett Market Overview: Not Too Late to Buy

2011/02/02  12:53 - It is important to recognize that markets have yet to factor in any of the good news regarding robust growth, not just in china, but Europe and the USA as well. Expect the rally we had forecast to continue and even at these levels Australian stocks represent great value.

FINANCE VIDEO: Clifford Bennett Reports A Big Rally Afoot

2011/02/01  13:28 - Building on our comments yesterdayt that markets would rally back just as hard as they initially fell on Egypt, Clifford Bennett of Herston Economics believes there is almost no reason on the horizon for any further declines. Perhaps the last of the pullbacks in equity markets, commodities and the Australian dollar have now been seen. Expect aggressive rallies in all asset classes from here.

FINANCE VIDEO: Clifford Bennett On Egypt and Global Economy

2011/01/31  11:40 - All the economic news that matters, is good. China is performing strong, USA and Europe are improving all the time. There is no doubt after the great rally we have seen from last year that a correction was due, but the fear mongers have been served a great opportunity with Egypt, and are making the most of it. The thing is, I don't see China slowing because of a change of government in Egypt, i really don't, buy this dip, its a gift comments Clifford Bennett of Herston Economics.

FINANCE VIDEO: Clifford Bennett Market Overview: Weeks Do Not Get Much Better

2011/01/27  13:39 - Equity markets continue to climb, gold may well have bottomed for the year, and the RBA is sidelined. Clifford Bennett of Herston Economics talks about why higher food prices do not mean rate hikes, and the outlook for Australian equities remains very favourable.

FINANCE VIDEO: Clifford Bennett Market Overview: Just The Beginning

2011/01/25  11:55 - This rally is just the start of something much bigger, says Clifford Bennett of Herston Economics. While Gold and Oil speculators unwind their holdings, the real world is experiencing a rapid economic expansion of the likes we have never seen before. The dominant risk in equity markets is upward acceleration, no correction in sight. The Australian dollar has spent enough time near parity, time to move up.

FINANCE VIDEO: Clifford Bennett Reports on Global Good News

2011/01/24  12:07 - The US has stitched up some good export deals to China, so now we should get less of the US research houses fictionally suggesting China is a bubble. US, European and China/Asia outlooks all positive at the same time as we expected, and this should see markets accelerate sharply higher this week, Clifford Bennett of Herston Economics said.

FINANCE VIDEO: Clifford Bennett on Markets: Still A Strong Buy

2011/01/21  14:17 - The Dow Jones and US markets have been very firm over last couple of trading sessions as well as the economic data overnight and existing home sales were better than expected. US jobless claims dropped down approximately 400,000, with a lower sustainable trend showing the US economy is looking better.

Womenswear Designer Leona Edmiston Adds Two New Myer (ASX:MYR) Concessions Following Launch of Shanghai Boutique

2011/01/21  09:56 - (Global Fashion Wire) - Following the launch of her first Shanghai boutique in December, Leona Edmiston one of Australia's leading fashion designers, is adding another two new Myer (ASX:MYR) concessions to her network.

FINANCE VIDEO: Clifford Bennett Expects The Dip Will Not Last

2011/01/20  11:49 - Any pullback in the Australian market today is an extraordinary opportunity to again buy for further market gains into the week end. Concerns overnight regarding UK employment, US housing starts, Apple, and Goldman Sachs, all of little relevance to the Australian market place. Stocks like Fortescue continue to point the way, and the Australian dollar is heading to 1.03 1.08 this year, according to Clifford Bennett of Herston Economics. (HKG:1688) Introduces Logistics Warehouse and Shipping and Logistics Management Services on AliExpress

2011/01/19  09:00 - Limited (HKG:1688), the world's leading small business e-commerce company, today formally launched Fulfillment by AliExpress (, a new logistics and shipping service provided by a third-party partner for buyers using the AliExpress ( wholesale e-commerce platform. With Fulfillment, small businesses using AliExpress will be able to combine multiple orders into one cost-reducing international shipment, track those orders from China-based suppliers using a single online interface, and verify those orders at a central warehouse prior to shipment.

FINANCE VIDEO: Clifford Bennett Favours A Strong Week Ahead With Markets Set to Rebound

2011/01/18  12:04 - Markets over reacted to China slowing concerns, and a tough year ahead for Queensland, creating the prospect for a robust recovery in prices through the rest of the week, according to Herston Economics Clifford Bennett.

FINANCE VIDEO: Clifford Bennett Expects Bull Market To Continue This Week

2011/01/17  11:20 - Expect strong markets this week, with the Australian market unlikely to wait for the US to come back from the Martin Luther King Jr day holiday. Us industrial production gains in December confirm the resilience and broad based nature of the US recovery.

FINANCE VIDEO: Clifford Bennett Touches on European Growth Acceleration, Rise of The Australian Dollar and The US Equity Markets

2011/01/14  11:22 - European nations continued to easily sell their bonds at competitive yields to recent market rates, confirming there is no sovereign debt crisis, according to Clifford Bennett, chief economist at Herston Economics. The US dollar continued its decline, oil remained bid, and Sterling the other market favourite of the week, continued to make strong gains.

FINANCE VIDEO: Clifford Bennett Reports on Equity Markets and Predicts Strong Buy For Sterling, Oil and Gold

2011/01/13  11:17 - Equity markets may well have seen their lows for the year, and this is no time to hesitate according to Clifford Bennett of Herston Economics. With ASXSP200 5,000 likely to be seen very quickly, and a year-end forecast of 5,600, the risk reward opportunity is outstanding.

FINANCE VIDEO: Clifford Bennett Speaks on The Impact of The Queensland Floods, The Australian Dollar and A The Outlook for Equity and Commodity Markets

2011/01/12  12:08 - It is all about the Queensland floods today, and the impact will be far reaching. Investors will be understandably distracted and liquidity could become an issue, even for the Australian dollar. Should the currency start to move to quickly, Clifford Bennett expects the Reserve Bank of Australia would have to intervene to support it. Meanwhile overseas developments have been positive with both Italy and Greece easily raising funds overnight. This fears about Europe have been exaggerated, and the outlook for equity and commodity markets is quite positive. The local share market looks set for steady gains from current levels, while the Australian dollar will remain under pressure for a couple of days.

FINANCE VIDEO: Clifford Bennett Speaks On Key Markets To Watch and The Status of The European Sovereign Debt Crisis

2011/01/11  12:05 - Oil and the Australian dollar are the favoured markets to watch, while Sterling and Gold are building as well. The European sovereign debt crisis is on its last legs according to Bennett, who expects more positive than negative surprises out of Europe as Greece proves it can achieve and exceed the austerity targets it has agreed with other European nations.

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