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iProperty Group Ltd (ASX:IPP) announce the Group Trading Update and presentation.

Performance: Highlights Q1/15

Further extension of clear leadership position across Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Hong Kong

Profit margins increasing - will be EBITDA profitable and operating cash flow positive in 2015

Accelerating revenue growth of 40%* for Q1/15 with online revenue from property developers growing by 107% and revenue from real estate agents growing by 43%

Transaction (project marketing business) sales doubled during first 3 months

Increased innovation rate (Mobile, Augmented Reality, Consumer Engagement)

Entry into Data and Research Business

Market Opportunity: Summary

The iProperty Region presents a tremendous growth opportunity

The population in iProperty's markets is already 15x the population of Australia and still growing.

The number of properties sold in iProperty's Markets is already larger than Australia, and is growing much faster. And prices are catching up to Australian levels, too.

The real estate advertising budgets in iProperty's markets already exceed Australia's.

The shift of real estate advertising in the iProperty's markets from offline to online is accelerating.

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About iProperty Group Ltd

Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, iProperty Group Ltd (ASX:IPP) is focused on developing and operating leading real estate portals and delivering the most comprehensive set of related real estate services and project marketing across the Region. The Group owns portals which are market leaders in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and the Hong Kong Region and a leading portal in Singapore. The iProperty Group is continuously working to capitalise on its market-leading positions and the rapidly growing online property advertising market throughout the region.



iProperty Group Ltd

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