Sydney, Dec 14, 2011 AEST (ABN Newswire) - FINANCE VIDEO: Managing Editor of The Emerging Trends Report Richard Karn presented live to the Sydney Capital Markets at Investorium.tv, regarding the emerging rare earths & specialty metal trends.

Richard Karn, a retired Associate Professor of English, is the Managing Editor of the Emerging Trends Report (ETR). His articles have appeared in publications ranging from Barron's to Financial Sense Online to Fuller Money. In addition to producing independent research and analysis on opportunities in primarily the North American and Australian markets, the Emerging Trends Report conducts contract research for companies such as BASF Engelhard and the Adit Funds. He divides his time between Alaska and Australia.

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About The Emerging Trends Report

An astonishing number of today's high tech, aerospace, 'green' and military applications are dependent on material performance specifications that can only be met by the unique characteristics of a variety of precious and specialty metals.

The Emerging Trends Report has identified 45 precious and specialty metals, not including gold, that are both critical to these sophisticated applications and experience some form of supply threat that will support these metals' prices going forward, whether from physical scarcity or dissipative use, nationalization risk or byproduct sourcing, a lack substitutes or regular supply interruptions.

Australia is uniquely positioned to supply world markets with these metals: at least 38 are, or soon will be, mined in Australia.

We are convinced demand for these metals will exceed supply as emerging market manufacturers move up the value-added chain to compete with those in developed economies, which represents a long term trend we wish to begin capitalizing on now, so we are circumnavigating Australia by four-wheel drive vehicle conducting a boots-on-the-ground screening of precious and specialty metal projects.

Our goal is to recommend sound listed companies well-positioned to supply demand for these critical metals going forward. (Our research proposal is available here)

This represents a significant investment opportunity: despite possessing stunning resource wealth and being ideally situated to supply growing Asian demand, the vast majority of Australian listed companies are quite small by North American standards and are not widely covered even in Australia. Few companies can afford the expense of getting their 'stories' out to international investors, so their operations are not widely known or understood-yet.


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