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Xped To Deploy ADRC Technology Into Data Centres
Xped To Deploy ADRC Technology Into Data Centres

Perth, Mar 1, 2016 AEST (ABN Newswire) - Raya Group Ltd (googlechartASX:RYG) ("Raya" or "the Company") wishes to announce that Xped Holdings Limited (Xped) and Singapore based sensor company "Vital Xense" expect to begin trials of new "Xped" plug and play hybrid wired/wireless industrial control technology in March 2016. Vital Xense identified Xped at a trade show in Singapore in 2015 and quickly realised that ADRC technology was the only system that provided all the functions and features they require to deliver highly differentiated and competitive products for the rapidly expanding data centre industry.


- Xped sensor development partner Vital Xense to deploy a range of advanced industrial sensors developed for them by Xped into Asian data centres beginning in Singapore.

- Enhanced Battery Monitoring Solution currently being specified by Vital Xense as the next major technology development by Xped to enhance their portfolio of data centre solutions.

- Intellectual Property being developed, enhancing capabilities of existing ADRC Technology by allowing the deployment of hybrid wireless and wired solutions for optimal communications reliability in challenging environments such as data centres.

- Vital Xense to open new markets for Xped into cloud services, sensors sales and data centres.

- New range of Xped developed sensors and other industrial control equipment to have global unveiling at IoT Asia exhibition in Singapore 30-31 March 2016.

- First revenue from licensing and manufacturing agreements with Vital Xense expected before the end of 2016.

Data centres pose a difficult environment for wireless communications systems and so most use CAT6 cabling to connect equipment to the IP switches and routers that provide the connectivity back to the control centre. For a large data centre the cost of installing and provisioning the IP equipment and cabling can be typically around $500,000.

Using Xped's unique technology, data centres can now install hundreds of sensors for measuring the temperature, humidity and door open status in each individual rack and at several points inside the rack. Sensors and local display panels can be quickly connected to sensor hubs that relay the information wirelessly back to the main IP router. Installation takes a faction of the time of traditional solutions as the wired nodes feature plug and play provisioning based on the patented ADRC self-describing system and cabling is only required locally within a rack.

Back up battery systems in data centres are a major capital outlay and must be kept in A1 condition at all times. The current best practise is to replace the large and expensive batteries every 5 years. However, many batteries are still in excellent condition when swapped out. Vital Xense is specifying an advanced battery monitoring system to be jointly developed with Xped that will allow batteries to be used until they reach a known state of degradation. This system is expected to extend the useful life of some batteries up to 10 years, potentially saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in unnecessary replacement costs.

Xped and Vital Sense are in the process of finalising both licensing and manufacturing agreements to incorporate Xped's technologies into the new range of sensors based solutions for data centre and other applications. These commercial agreements follow on from a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) entered into by both parties in late 2015.

The Intellectual Property being developed, along with its ability to be commercialised in the near term, attracted Vital Xense to partner with Xped and to enter in to the formal agreements.

"We are pleased to be working with Vital Xense as they are poised to expand their accelerated footprint in data centres in Asia." says Raya Group Chairman, Athan Lekkas.

Xped Chairman Chris Wood stated, "This opportunity to work with Vital Xense and develop a range of innovative products for near term rollout has been a key focus of the business to bring in early revenue."

About Vital Xense

Vital Xense is an IOT solutions and platform manufacturer which specialises in helping businesses to monetize IOT and its capabilities for value added and cost saving benefits.

Our cloud ready solutions and platforms enables fast and scalable IOT deployments for industrial and commercial applications which enables companies to build and expand domain expertise thus creating value added benefits for their organisation.
Whether you are an Enterprise Customer, a Systems Integrator or a Domain Service Provider, Vital Xense will work with you to deliver the right IOT solution to meet your business needs.

About Xped

Xped has developed revolutionary and patent protected technology that allows any consumer, regardless of their technical capability, to connect, monitor and control devices and appliances found in our everyday environment. It's as simple as two people shaking hands. By enabling the Internet of Things, Xped's ADRC platform will bring benefit to manufacturers, retailers, service providers and consumers.

Under a conditionally accepted Heads of Agreement signed on 25th October, 2015, Raya Group Ltd are in the final stages of acquiring Xped Holdings Ltd, including its subsidiaries and assets.

About XPED Ltd

Raya Group ASX:RYG

XPED Ltd (ASX:XPE) is an Australian Internet of Things (“IoT”) technology business. Xped has developed revolutionary and patent-protected technology that allows any consumer, regardless of their technical capability, to connect, monitor and control devices and appliances found in our everyday environment. Xped provides technology solutions for Smart Home, Smart Building, and Healthcare.

At Xped, we’re Making Technology Easy Again(TM)

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