ALCORE 4th Milestone Production of Aluminium Fluoride
ALCORE 4th Milestone Production of Aluminium Fluoride
Sydney, Sep 24, 2019 AEST (ABN Newswire) - Australian Bauxite Ltd's (ASX:ABX) wholly-owned subsidiary, ALCORE Limited has conducted experimental reactions for the chemical refining of ABx bauxite and its components into aluminium fluoride (AlF3) and several valuable co-products.

- ALCORE has proven it can:

1. Make aluminium fluoride from aluminium oxides, which is the principle component of bauxite and other aluminium-rich material that is amenable to treatment by ALCORE

2. Extract valuable silicon oxides by adjusting the reagent mix and processing conditions

3. Extract valuable titanium oxide from samples tested to date by controlled drying and heating

4. Manufacture of saleable Corethane gas-substitute by reducing ash content in coal from 28% to less than 4%, thus making an ideal, ultra-clean substitute for metallurgical coal. The ash can be converted into saleable AlF3 and co-products

- ALCORE's task list includes the following:

1. Determine the optimum reaction conditions for the complete extraction of iron oxides

2. Prove that ALCORE can make commercial-grade AlF3 which involves both chemical and physical parameters

3. Make commercial-grade AlF3 from economically attractive waste materials

4. Make ultra-pure AlF3 from pure gibbsite (Al2O3. 3H2O, the main ore mineral in ABx's bauxite) that can be used in special batteries

5. Create fully-crystallised AlF3 for testing by prospective customers that are interested in the ALCORE project

6. Recycling acids recovered from the production of the co-products

7. Reduce ash content in Corethane to below 1% (and eventually below 0.5%) so that it can be used for heat and power generation (within emission guidelines) in the production of AlF3 and in nearby industries, thus reducing gas consumption and possibly providing energy security in an emergency

- AlF3 is an essential electrolyte ingredient in aluminium smelters. Global demand for AlF3 increases as aluminium smelter production increases and the use of AlF3 in lithium-ion batteries increases

- Co-products include Corethane gas-substitute, which is pure hydrocarbon powder refined from low value coals that can be used as a gas or diesel substitute (for fuel security in emergencies) and has emissions-reducing industrial applications. It is ideally suited for use as a sulphur-free bunker fuel for shipping under new strict emissions laws

- Discussions continue with governments, agencies and major companies in the aluminium industry

ABx CEO, Ian Levy commented: "The ALCORE Research Centre has created a leading-edge laboratory with the highest standards of safety, equipment and technology. Exciting enhancements of the technology have already been achieved. The mini-production plant at the ALCORE Research Centre will supply test samples to our three prospective aluminium-producing customers.

"ALCORE's work can lead to Australia's first production of AlF3 products to provide security of supply for Australasian aluminium smelters. ALCORE's production of Corethane gas-substitute hydrocarbon can change the energy supply and fuel security outlook. Its short-term focus is on supplying a cleaner form of metallurgical reductants for reducing costs and emissions in manufacturing in eastern Australia.

"ABx is also progressing its 3 core bauxite projects; the Tasmanian mine, the large Binjour Project in central QLD and the Penrose refractory bauxite project 90km inland of Port Kembla NSW. Bulk sampling and processing testwork at the Binjour Project that was interrupted by rain is being completed in coming weeks."

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